10 Things That People Do Not Realize You Are Doing As You Are Highly Awakened


Awakening is a process that leads us to the awareness of our spiritual self and innate potential. It opens our mind to different perspectives and different views. Through the awakening process, we gradually learn new information, which leads to an awakened state.

The awakening process usually happens in people who are ready to experience it. Awakening can happen in various forms, but the most common one is the state of being highly awakened.

If we are highly awakened, we are more physically and spiritual conscious of ourselves. But, these are some things that highly awakened people do, which may seem weird to unawakened people.

Here are some things that people do not realize you are doing because you are highly awakened:

1. You question everything about you

Being highly awakened, means to start looking at things twice. Even though most people accept their life as it is, highly awakened people always question their actions. The most important thing about this type of perception is that you start to realize the connection between everything you knew. You start to understand thing much better and to see how things actually work.

2. You want to be on your own

Even though family and friends may see this as an anti-social behavior, it is completely normal that you want to be on your own, particularly if you are going toward awakening. Being highly aware, means that you want to take a rest from all the energies and vibrations around you. You use this time to recharge and rebalance yourself.

You may do this stage instinctively, without being aware of it.

3. You want to talk about more complex topics

As you become more awakened, you look for realism and you stop talking about unimportant, trivial events. You want to talk about the truthfulness to oneself and the importance of feelings. For highly awakened people, reality is similar to getting to the bottom of each action, which is the best way to be able to understand it. However, many people will not be able to understand you.

4. You trust the Universe

You believe that thinks always work, so for this reason, you fully trust the Universe.

5. You trust your intuition

Your personal experience tells you that your intuition is right. For this reason, you trust your intuition even more.

6. You feel everything

If you are a highly awakened individual, you are able to fell other people’s emotions.

7. You are conscious that you are into something, and you are trying to awaken other people, too.

You will know that you are highly awakened, when you are in a state of high consciousness. You think that you have found out something really special, so you want to share it with your close relatives and friends. However, none of them accept you truth. People awake at their own pace, so you cannot force them even though it is in their interest.

There are people who are not ready to awaken or do not want to awaken at all. You should respect their stage of awareness and let them grow at their own.

8. You notice signs in everything

You can create a bigger picture from everything you see, from encountering a stranger to an animal on the path.

9. Your priorities start to change

Getting a job to earn more money will no longer satisfy you. You start to change your priorities, your values. You realize that the real value of life is to be satisfied and happy with what you have done. You start to realize the long-term effects of your actions and direct yourself to true calling.

10. You are trying to advance yourself

Being highly awakened makes you realize that you are not perfect. For this reason, you want to become a better person. You begin to work on yourself and to analyze your actions.

Being able to walk slowly and to see your oath is the most important personality trait. Being highly awakened gives you the opportunity to accept yourself as you are and to work to become a better person – for yourself and for the people around you.


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