11 Things A Man Will Do Only If He Really Loves You


Have you ever wondered if the person you are in love with really loves you back and whether your relationship will last? The answer to that question should not be sought in his words but in his deeds.

If he does these 11 things then you can be sure in his love for you:

He is always happy to see you

Whether he is stressed or tired or he simply isn’t in the mood, he is always happy to see you and that warms his heart. You are a string of happiness in his life that always makes him better.

He is always ready to listen

Girls can be a little boring with their problems and endless chattering but if he really loves you he will listen to you without a word. He will never complain that all you do is talk because he knows that the things you say are important to you. He will carefully listen to you when you dramatically explain your fight with a colleague for half an hour.

He respects you

Your opinion is really important to him and listens to everything you say with equal attention, whether it’s something meaningless or something very important.

He never complains if you take up most space in the bed.

Most girls usually take up most of the space of the bed regardless of their size. But if he really loves you he won’t mind it and will let you do this every night.

He is always ready to help with everything

He is always here to help whether it is opening a jar or helping you with a difficult task.

He always remembers important dates.

A big sign that he isn’t right for you is if he doesn’t remember the dates that matter to you. Of course, some people can’t memorize dates easily,but your partner should definitely remember the most important dates, such as your birthday.

He is always surprising you

It doesn’t have to be something big, the smallest things usually matter the most. If he knows how to surprise you and make you feel important and special then he is a keeper and he really loves you.

He always supports you

He always supports you, but if you are wrong, he will tell you the truth. Sincerity is a very important segment of your relationship and he doesn’t please you just because you are a couple.

He still does romantic gestures

Romance isn’t something that revolves around taking you to bed, he truly wants to spend time with you and find out everything about you. Sometimes it really ends in the bedroom but in case it doesn’t this doesn’t bother him.

He is proud of you

If you have a man who is happy and brags about your successes, then such a man is worth staying beside you. Appreciate the fact that he appreciates you, because it is difficult for men to deal with the professional advancement of a woman.

11) He is yours

He is yours and you are his, he will never let anyone hurt you and will always stand by your side.


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