15 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression


Being depressed is a severe mental disease and in some cases it may not be noticed. Depression is a feeling of extreme sadness and despair. People who have concealed depression have dangerous demons in themselves and they confront them on their own.

These people do not share their problems and they do not want to bother other people with their problems. Some of the signs are sleep disturbance, lack of appetite, feeling useless and weight loss. Actually they are the most common symptoms, but people who suffer from depression are able to express themselves in a lot of ways. A lot of people do not want to talk about their worries, simply because they do not want to open up. In this article we will present you 15 habits of people who are depressed.

1. Usually they are expressive and very talented.

Different famous people have had problems and have suffered from a mental illness. This way they are able to express deep emotions. If we think about this we can see this as a source to their greatness. Even though we cannot see it, it means that they express their problem in their work. They can produce something beautiful from their darkness that bothers them.

2. They are looking for a purpose.

All people are looking for purpose and we all want to do things that matter. People who suffer from hidden depression want to achieve this as well. They are looking for their purpose in life. They are way more susceptible to feeling anxious and inadequate and eventually they will search for something, but they do not think they will achieve it.

3. Sometimes they make muted cries for help.

A lot of people need help from time to time. If we do not expect someone to feel down or weak, we won’t be able to see their look for help. However, if you see their cries and you are able to help them you have to create an amazing bond with these people.

4. They interpret substances in a different way.

People who have problems with depression are mostly aware what to do in order to ease their pain. They are aware that sugar and caffeine are able to improve their mood and that using certain medicines will help them. That is why they do a lot of things so they can feel better, compared to other people.

5. They usually have an involved perception of death and life.

Those who suffer depression usually face their own mortality when they are desperate and they look for answer in deep questions about life. They go from one to another terrible mindset. Not all of them have suicidal thoughts.

6. Strange eating habits.

When they feel bad they cannot eat a lot. However, this is not the case with everyone.

7. Weird sleeping habits.

People who suffer from depression can sleep for days and in some cases sleeping is not possible at all. Depressed people feel helpless and this destroys their world.

8. They usually have abandonment issues.

If you ever had to deal with abandonment, you must know that it can be devastating. If a person walks away from your life you can feel like it is the end of the world, but people who suffer from depression feel this much worse than other people. In these cases they tend to be even more secretive and they do not share their feeling, which creates the fear of being abandoned by people they love.

9. They are the best when it comes to thinking of ‘cover up’ stories.

They are perfect for thinking of believable excuses for all things they are going through. They think of this when they are missing something or when they do not pick up their phone. They are able to change the subject when talking and they manage not to think about their pain.

10. They might have habitual remedies.

People who suffer from depression usually have couple of different lifestyle changes in order to calm their mind. For example, they can enjoy exercising, waling, listen to music etc.

11. They are always trying to seem like they are happy.

People who suffer from depression are able to be in a fake mood and they will seem normal and happy when they actually are not. If they show off their real feelings they think the other will be disappointed.

12. They look for acceptance and love.

People who suffer from depression do not show their problem as they want to protect themselves. They just want to be accepted and loved by everyone.

13. They are not able to shut down their brains.

People who suffer from depression process everything quickly and they always analyze the bad and the good things that impact their life. They absorb everything that happens in their life.

14. When others are hurt, they are hurt as well

When other people suffer, they suffer as well and they are felling emotional as well.

15. They come up with worst-case scenarios.

In most cases this is stressful, but in some cases it can have benefits. High intelligence is related to depression, and they can respond to everything which comes their way. That is why they can deal and solve problems quickly.

It you know someone who has problems with depression you should try and help them. It is not easy to be alone and the world is an amazing place, filled with people who care.


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