15 Year Old Kid Discovered The Long Lost Ancient Mayan City By Using Google And Stars


The Mayan culture has always attracted the attention of many researchers, explorers, archaeologists. The reason for this is the fact that the Mayans were a long-lived civilization and one of the most scientifically advanced societies with outstanding accomplishments in the field of astronomy, mathematics and technology.

Many researchers have done long and numerous researches and explorations which revealed some of the most fascinating secrets of this ancient civilization. The latest discovery added to their incredible list of revelations is connected with a young 15-year-old boy called William Gadoury. Even though it may seem unbelievable the findings of this boy astonished the science and research elite.

This young teen has always had interest in Mayan culture, their civilization and their worship of stars. By using maps of night sky, satellite images and google maps he discovered that all 117 ancient Mayan cities matched up the constellations in the sky. He succeeded in matching 22 star constellations with all ancient Mayan cities.

What is even more fascinating in his discovery is that one constellation was a little bit strange compared to the other constellations because it was made up of 3 stars. More precisely, this constellation called Orion had three stars which formed a triangle. William was able to find 2 cities that matched this constellation i.e. the two stars of this constellation but he couldn’t find the third one. This led him to think that there might be a hidden undiscovered city.

In order to prove this he used his theory and was able to find the third city. In order to confirm this, William used the satellite images of the Canadian Space Agency. With their help he proved that it is possible to see some structures which may show a street network and elevation which might be a pyramid. It seems that he discovered another Mayan city which could be the largest to be found yet.

William named this city K’aak Chi meaning the mouth of fire. It is hidden in the thick jungles of Mexico located on the most remote and inaccessible areas. William has been working on this for three years and he is looking forward to facing the culmination of his hard work. He has contacted two Mexican archeologists and presented his findings.
Even though the expedition is expected to be expensive the archaeologists showed interest. They promised to organize an expedition to this newly discovered Mayan city which nobody has seen yet. William is going to accompany them on this expedition which will be a dream come true for him.

It seems that the ancient Mayan civilization remains an everlasting source of exploration and there are more Mayan mysteries still waiting to be revealed. What will this new city uncover is yet to be seen. However, what many scientists and experts in this field agree with is that there are serious indicators of existing city. Hopefully, we will soon witness another extraordinary city offering new answers for the many unanswered questions related to this complex civilization.


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