4 Of These 15 Qualities Will Make You One Of The Rarest Person On Earth, Do You Have Them?


Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging (INFJ) is a term used to indicate a type of personality. The well-known psychiatrist Carl Jung formed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). INFJ represents the rarest of the MBTI personality types, constituting less than 3 % of population in the world.

Carl Jung thinks that the universal attitude stands for the people’s personality – intuition in favor of sensing, introversion in favor of extraversion, judgment in favor of perception and feeling in favor of thinking. Thus, the personalities of INFJs are compatible with Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.

We cannot easily notice INFJs, as they tend to be reserved and subdominant in the society. Nevertheless, they are devoted friends, empathetic and organized workers and excellent leaders. Are you one of the INFJs?


1. They fixate on significant things in life

INFJs always fixate on the most essential things in their life. In addition, they face up with the life challenges easily. Even though things do not happen as they have already planned, they try to achieve their goals successfully.

2. They trust in their gut

INFJs have a strong intuition. Whenever they face a problem, they look for a solution to fix it immediately. In addition, they can feel if something bad is on their way.

3. They are both sensitive and empathetic

These people are helpful and generous. When someone needs help, INFJs are always there to help them. INFJs can comprehend other people’s emotions, too. They are concerned for other peoples feeling and tend to be gentle without hurting anyone. Since they take up other people’s feelings and emotions, they have to spend some time alone, so that they can recharge the batteries. Moreover, they do not only look after their friends and close relatives, but they also look after the world.

4. They plan their future ahead

Whenever they are alone, they make plans and think about the future. In this way, they get a lot of creative and original ideas.

5. They are interested in drawing and writing

INFJs are very creative and tend to show their own thoughts and emotions. Nevertheless, since they prefer spending time alone, they tend to communicate themselves through drawing and writing. If they express their feelings and thoughts, they can feel more peaceful and calmer.

6. They have problem-solving abilities

Their capability to notice the bigger picture of the world helps INFJs to find a solution to their problems in an easy way. Moreover, they can notice the bad things and to solve them.

7. They are stimulating

Because INFJs people are creative and visionaries, they stand as an example to other people, particularly to their close friends.

8. They are excellent at reading other people’s minds

INFJs are excellent at reading other people’s minds through the expression of their emotions. In addition, they can see when someone is lying. Therefore, this personality characteristic helps INFJs to keep away from people who have bad intentions.

9. They have only a few friends

INFJs people select their friends wisely and carefully. Since they strive for solitude, they prefer spending time alone and avoid being around large groups of people. So, they avoid taking part in big social groups.

10. They are very hard-working

Although people with other types of personality are rather lazy, these people tend to be hard-working. Namely, they always try to do their best. They believe that they have to work hard if they want to achieve their aims. They know that noting in life comes easily.

11. They strive for perfectionism

They never do anything partially, they always seek for perfectionism. Nevertheless, they usually postpone healthy relationships or productive solutions, considering that there might be a better alternative on their path.

12. They avoid talking about their private life

When it comes to their private life, these people tend to be private. Moreover, they avoid opening up truly to other people, even to their close friends. Furthermore, it is even more challenging for them to trust a new friend.

13. They avoid taking part in trivial talks

INFJs people do not surface-leveled discussions. On the other hand, they want to talk about significant stuff, without spending their precious time on trivial talks.

14. They are passionate and determined

INFJs are strong-willed and determined. When they want to accomplish their goals, they always do their best. Moreover, their persistence and passion give them additional strength to achieve their goals.

15. They can be oversensitive

If someone criticizes their principles or values, INFJs may get an alarming response. They do not want to take part in quarrels and are vulnerable to conflicts and criticism.

Do you possess any of these characteristics? If so, you are among the rarest people on Earth.