5 Types of Cosmic Connections – We Meet No One By Accident


The world we live in is extremely mysterious. It sometimes seems to complex and chaotic, but it is an organized chaos.

There are no coincidences and accidents. Even the smallest events happen due to a greater plan and have a greater purpose. Everything that happens is according to the greater plan of the universe.

Life is not easy. In life, we experience both ups and downs. We cross paths and some of those paths can be very difficult. Even the smallest experiences that we have in life can have a great value and meaning. In our life journey, we always have a companion and that companion is the universe itself.

On this journey, we meet many different people. These people have different purposes. Some are there only to teach as some essential life lesson and then they disappear. Some people will remain in our life forever and others will be there briefly and leave when their mission in our life is over.

In your life you can cross path with some or all of these types of cosmic connections:

• People who wake you up

You can meet people that will bring many changes in your life. These people can make changes simply by reminding us that we cannot continue our life journey without the inevitable changes. The universe is the one that plans the changes and brings these people to us to make them.

These people are here to bring up your hidden potentials.

• People who remind you about your goals

These people will remind you of your life path and your ultimate goals.

They will remind you about what you want in life and who you are truly.

• People who help you grow

These people will help us achieve a higher personal growth. They can hurt us, take us on an adventure and show us the way if we are lost.

They tempt you to help you grow.

• People who hold space for you

We sometimes meet people so briefly that we usually forget them. They are there only to hold space.
These people are there as a support on your life path.

• People who remain in your life

The most valuable people are those who are there to stay. They are very difficult to find and they can be a soul mate, close friend or a family member.

These people have similar life goals as you.

The universe sends a person that you are supposed to meet when you are prepared. Be patient, and you will even the people who are meant to remain in your life forever.


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