7 Signs Of Indigo Adults, Do You Have Them?


Indigo adults possess unique characteristics, such as extraordinary creativity and intelligence. These people are aware that they have a higher purpose in this world.

The concept of indigo people was first heard in the 70s and these are some of their traits.

• You have many questions

Indigo adults don’t accept things easily, they are extremely curious and constantly ask questions. If you are an indigo person, who are especially interested in humanity and cannot accept inequality, suffering and hatred among humans.

• You cannot obey the rules

An indigo person does not believe in regulations and rules that are imposed and often stands against authorities. You cannot accept political and social differentiation between people. Instead, you prefer humanitarian and creative activities, such as protecting the environment, working close to nature or doing something to help others.

• Your weakness is empathy

Indigo adults are so empathic that their health and mind can be affected by the suffering of others. If you are an indigo, you will try to stay away from riots, wars, epidemic, famine and other kinds of human suffering because they negatively affect your soul, heart and mind.

• Nature is your home

Indigo people are extremely close to nature and try to protect the plants and animals. They are also interested in the environment, the planet and the celestial bodies.

• You cannot find your place

Indigo people are interested in equality, happiness and peace. However, the world is preoccupied with the desire for money, power and supremacy, lack of compassion and love, fights, competition, hatred and no helping attitude, which makes indigo people depressed. They lose faith in the social system and the people and feel like they don’t belong in this world.

• You are very spiritual

Even as young children, indigo people are extremely interested in the universal forces and supernatural things. They always ask questions that don’t have answers. They are interested in the spiritual explanation of things, but never get attached to any particular religion. Indigos can also interact with ghosts and angels and don’t like modern technology, like computers and mobile phones.

• Your single goal

Indigo people face many challenges in their life because they cannot live to the normal racial, social and political standards and norms. However, if you are an indigo person, listen to your inner voice and you will realize your unique purpose in life.


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