8 Things You’re Doing But Don’t Know Because You’re An Overthinker


Are you an overthinker as a person?

Some people say that is positive to be a thinker when it comes to problem solving.

However, being this kind of a person can affect your wellbeing seriously.

People who are overthinkers often find themselves overthinking even about the smallest worries.

They sometimes even find themselves overthinking about something and they are not aware that they are doing that.

However, everything is not negative about being an overthinker.

These are the signs that you are an overthinker even if you are not aware about this.

• You see meaning behind everything

You speak to someone and the reply comes after a few hours. You cannot stop thinking about this.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where someone makes eye contact with you on the street and you spend several minutes thinking about that.

You gave a critic to a co-worker. Now, you cannot stop thinking whether it was the best thing to say.

What do these actions mean?

These actions from your side mean that you are an overthinker and you try to find meaning even in the smallest things.

Overthinkers cannot let things just be. They always try to find meaning in everything and strongly believe that everything has a reason behind it.

• You are thinking more and doing less

Is it often difficult for you to make a decision? You are always thinking about the choices and don’t know what to do.

This is referred to as analysis paralysis.

This cycle can last for a long time and at the end you will not take any action and do nothing.

If you are an overthinker, you should try to choose one thing and stick with it. This will seem quite difficult in the beginning, but eventually you will become accustomed to it and stop looking back to the other choices.

• You feel excitement when you solve certain problem

You had a theory that someone has sympathy for you for a long time. Then, that person does something to confirm your suspicion. At that moment, you feel an enormous excitement.

You can also find yourself involved in a complex problem at work. Then, suddenly you find a simple solution.

In these moments, overthinkers become extremely excited. This is one of the reasons why they think so much.

• You cannot let go of things

You cannot let things be for what they are. You believe that there is a reason for everything. You attach to finding out what the reason behind something is and you don’t stop until you find out.

You try to find the answers and even when you believed stop searching, the problem reappears again.

• You are always searching for something new

You always enjoy learning something new. You are extremely curious and you cannot stop your overactive mind.

• You don’t like small talks

You don’t want to talk about someone’s day. there are more interesting things that should be the topic of conversation.

• You love analyzing people

You love analyzing people because their lives are interesting. Places where there are a lot of people make you feel overwhelmed and fascinated.

• You love activities that calm you down

Ovethinking can be difficult. Therefore, meditation, exercises, long walks and writing can sometimes be useful ways to calm your mind down.


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