A Penguin Swims Nearly 5.000 Miles Every Year Just For A Reunion With The Man Who Saved His Life


This heartwarming story comes from the Brazilian beach and it is about a Magellanic penguin that swims nearly 5.000 miles for a reunion with a man who had saved his life.

In 2011, Joao Pereira de Souza, a part-time fisherman and a former bricklayer, lives in an island village in Rio the Janeiro, in Brazil, discovered the penguin, almost dead and in oil, on a beach.

Joao, who called him Dindim, got rid of the oil and fed the penguin with fish in order to enhance his strength.

A week later, he tries to return the penguin into the sea, but he did not want to leave. He has remained with Joao for 11 months, and when his coat renewed he left.

However, few months after, the penguin came back. He noticed the man on the local beach and went with him in his home.

In the past 5 years, the penguin has spend almost 8 months a year with the man, whereas it is though that he spend the rest of the year breastfeeding on the coasts of Chile and Argentina.

In addition, it is considered that the penguin swims almost 5.000 miles per year in order to be united with Joao, the person who saved his life.

Joao announced that he loved Dindim as his own kid, and believes that the tony penguin loved him, too. He also added that no one can touch him, as he always pecks them.

However, Joao can lay him on his lap, give him a shower, and fed him. Even though everybody believed that Dindim would not come back, he returned for a reunion with the man every year.

In fact, Joao stated that he arrived in June, but he came back in February, as well as that he is happier to see him each year.

Professor Krajewski, a biologist, who interviewed Joao for Globo TV, stated that he had never seen anything similar to this before.

He believed that the penguin loved Joao and that he is part of his life and family. Dindim wags his tail as a dog and honks when he sees Joao.


Reference: Metro


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