You Have An Advanced Soul If You Posses Any Of These 14 Traits


The aim of life is to emerge the body.


Advanced soul means a regenerated person who embodies a certain aim and life mission – to delight the world with Self-alignment and Light. It is also known as an Old soul, because it has embodies in the world for many times. These souls have flourished into an advanced state of balance, awareness, and spiritual knowledge.


Advances souls have rather different traits from the normal people. They symbolize themselves with more than traditional wisdom.

Here are 14 characteristics of an advanced soul:

1. Their gaze is penetrating

If an advanced soul looks at you, you think that it looks inside in your soul. They possess a deep gaze that penetrates into the soul. Their eyes do not move a lot. They are totally conscious of what you have inside and outside of your soul. They eyes are full with wisdom, compassion and peace.

2. Their touch is comforting and soft

Their touch appears very soft on the skin, as it has the ability to heal any health issues that people are suffering from.

3. Their voice is relieving and gentle

When the advanced souls speak, they relieve you. They do not speak loudly. They talk about wisdom, not conflict, so they sometimes argue with you, thus giving you advice. However, they are more aware of your life goals than you. When you ask them something, they always tell the truth and explain everything rather clear that you comprehend it immediately. Even though they are gentle, they are firm and know what they want.

4. They have a still and profound aura

The advanced souls are very calm. In their companion, you fell calmed down and relaxed die to their tranquility.

When you are with them, you feel peaceful, and you think that nothing can hinder the peace you feel. Even though they are quiet, their presence is loud.

5. They are sincere in each relationship

Due to their awareness and consciousness, the advanced souls take action and speak sincerely and honestly. You cannot expect them to tell a lie, as they possess a spiritual wisdom and inner knowledge.

6. They always show you the enlightenment way

You will never impose on them to show you the enlightenment way, but they will show it to you gladly. They never judge other people and never claim to be always right.

7. They trust in oneness and unity of all things

The advanced souls think that everything comes from one Source and that a Spirit unities us. They look beyond borders, frontiers and skin colors. They possess an enormous spirit that connects them with the fish in the sea and birds in the air.

8. They fell comfortable in their skin

The advanced souls are always comfortable in any surrounding wherever they are. At any place, they have the same identity. Moreover, they do not fell idolatry or humiliation at all.

9. They trust in ‘what is’

They only trust in ‘what is’. They do not trust in negativity or positivity. They live in both the Nothing-ness and All-ness. They travel constantly in all dimensions and realms.

10. They are not materialists

The advanced souls do not seek extravagances and luxury even though they have physical needs. They only want to live a comfortable life and to do business on Earth. Even though they are conscious of their temporary existence, they live in their own egoless world. They consider that the ego is a conceit of imitative self. However, they do not believe is such an ego, their life is not threatened by it.

11. They seem younger

They never get old. They feel younger, and have only a few clear skins and wrinkles.

12. They relate themselves to animals and soak in the nature

They prefer to spend time in the countryside. They enjoy in the calmness and freshness of the nature. They think that the nature possesses a spirit that is connected to their one. They are also connected to animals, and it seems that animals understand their language. The most dangerous animals calm down before the advanced souls.

13. They respect spending time on their own

The advanced souls like to sit on their own, to calm down, to recharge and to connect to the Spirit. Spending time on their own makes them spiritually refreshed and strong.

14. Their love is also their compass

They love because live is what they are, not because they should love. Love is spread in their genes. In addition, they use love to direct other people to their right life paths.

Having read the characteristics, do you know realize what an advanced soul is? If yes, you can add other characteristics of them. If no, do you know anyone with these personal traits?


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