Here’s What He Shared With The World After Waking Up From 12 Years Of Coma, Chilling…


The very thought of what may happen after we die evokes fear in most of us and that’s why most people prefer to think about the way they would like to live here on Earth.

Unfortunately, some people have been suffering for so long, that even their loved ones start to lose hope.

Martin Pistorius is the man who went through such a painful experience. Namely, when he was at the age of 12, he was diagnosed with a severe and degenerative illness that left him literally in a vegetative state of being.

As he revealed, he was ″trapped″ in his own body for more than a decade and woke up from coma when he was 15, while everyone around him still believed he was unconscious and unresponsive to his surroundings. His was in such a hopeless condition that even his mother said she wished he died. He couldn’t help overhearing her, but he knew she said that out of grief for watching her son suffer in pain.

Watch the NBC interview with Martin Pistorius to learn the details of this heart-wrenching story.



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