Vatican Is Aware Of The Existence Of Alien Civilization Claims WikiLeaks

This is real. According to WikiLeaks and some leaked emails the most important and powerful religious authority in the world, the Vatican, is aware of the existence of aliens.

According to the email, the aliens are scared to help our world due to our violent nature. This email was sent to John Podesta, an American politician, by Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut. The email also speaks of the unavoidable space war and that the Vatican is aware of the alien civilization’s existence.

Mitchell also writes that the aliens want to share a technology with the humankind, which is called zero point energy.

Mitchell’s email was sent to Podesta when he was an adviser to President Barack Obama. Nowadays, Podesta serves as the head of Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The email also names the director of the special peace force for extraterrestrial intelligence – Terri Mansfield.

A meeting between Podesta and Mansfield is also mentioned where the Vatican’s awareness of the extraterrestrial intelligence will be discussed.

According to the email, the extraterrestrial intelligence is the highest form of intelligence. It is connected with God.

When the zero point energy is concerned, the aliens are willing to share this type of energy, which is extracted from empty state. However, they cannot tolerate military or any other type of violence in space or on the planet.

In fact, John Podesta was an advocate for releasing data connected to UFOs and Area 51. Today, he also stated that he wants Hilary Clinton to release secret documents about the existence of an alien civilization.

An interesting fact about the astrophysicists in America, who investigate the universe, is that they are also priests.

Meanwhile, Vatican denies any connection between religion and science. They continue with their claims that science and religion cannot coexist.

On the other side, experts claim that people who are interested in religion also ask fundamental questions about the space.

In the Vatican, the Vatican Observatory was established in 1891 as a way to show that the church does not oppose to science.


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