12 Things Only Alpha Woman Wants To Have In A Relationship


Alpha women are associated with strength and independence. They are also believed to have intimidating personality, since they are ambitious, self-confident and fearless individuals.

This can be off-putting for some men, since they find it hard to deal with these women and as a result they become either submissive or competitive. Alpha women know what they need in life, so check out what you have to do to keep a healthy and strong relationship with these ladies.

1. Alpha women need someone who will challenge them

They need a self-confident, gracious and strong partner who can challenge them, since these women want to compete with their partners.

2. Alpha women need someone who is trustworthy

These women can be vulnerable as well, so sometimes they have to let their guard down. Therefore they look for a trustworthy and a reliable partner who won’t stab them in the back for his own personal gain.

3. Alpha women need respect

Alpha woman needs someone who will respect her boundaries and space. So, if you want to win her heart, respect her decisions. Never underestimate her but don’t put her on a pedestal either.

4. Alpha women need their independence

These women want to enjoy their personal passions. They don’t need a clingy partner who doesn’t know what to do without them but someone who has his own life outside their relationship.

5. Alpha women need a partner who can keep up

These women are time-efficient, so they need a partner who can keep up with them since they are moving at high speed.

6. Alpha women need an equal partner

Alpha women want equality. Their partner should carry his own weight in the relationship. They need someone who has his own opinions and finances and whose ego is in a healthy place.

They don’t have to spend time with same people or do the same hobbies, since both have to be self-sufficient and complete individuals.

7. Alpha women need someone who can make them laugh

These ladies lead stressful lives, so they need someone who can cheer them up and lift their spirit.

8. Alpha women need to be called out

They need someone who will remind them that they aren’t perfect and that they make mistakes just like everyone else. Alpha women have powerful and intimidating personality, so they can sometimes go off the rails as well. That is why they need to be called out from time to time.

9. Alpha women need a well-informed partner

Alpha women value intelligent conversations, so their partner should be well-informed about everything and able to express his own ideas.

10. Alpha women need someone who is tactful

Alpha women need a tactful partner who knows when to have an intense talk about important issues or when to let it go. He has to be a sensitive and thoughtful person, able to control his own moods and emotions.

11. Alpha women need someone who is a great listener

They need someone who knows when to keep his mouth shut and listen patiently to what they want to say.

12. Alpha women need someone who won’t air their dirty laundry

These women need someone who can listen to their embarrassing stories in a receptive and non-judgmental way and won’t talk about their private matters amongst people who are not involved.


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