6 Signs Showing You Are An Earth Angel


Earth angels are types of people known by several different names. One of these names is lightworkers since their goal is to spread and share light as much as possible by bringing positive changes to the world.

These special people strive for life in harmony and have no patience for hatred, violence or intolerance. They are old souls who came here to restore and renew the world. They believe in the old way of living i.e. when people lived off the land, in harmony with animals and nature.

Even though they are aware that people will never return to that way of life they will always want us to live in peace with the world. They are the least selfless people and want laughter, abundance, happiness and joy above all and for all. They possess pure and loving energy.

They are good- intended people and want to help others to find their highest self and live in true harmony. As a result, they are often frustrated with the current state of affairs. If you are not certain about your role in this world but you feel that you might be an earth angel, read the following signs to learn whether you are an earth angel.


Earth angels have come here for a grand purpose but having this role of saving the planet can be a heavy burden. Sometimes, being overwhelmed by all the problems in the world, earth angels may feel powerless to make any difference. As a result they may feel desperate, frustrated or tired of things on this planet.

They avoid crowds and loud people because this conflicting energy makes them feel anxious. They prefer staying in the comfort of their homes as a way of protecting themselves from the overstimulating outside world. They are characterized with high sensitivity to anything that is depicted as negative by the media such as violence or hatred.


Earth angels are solitary persons. They love spending their time alone to recharge and rebalance their energy. They use this time to heal and prepare themselves for the next encounter with the outside world. They heal themselves by going deep into their psyche and work hard to become better because they know that in order to change the world they must change themselves.


These people have empathetic traits. They would do anything to help others even at their own cost. They do not want to see other people suffer or hurt. They feel connected with the others and simply want to provide comfort and relief for everyone who needs them. Even though we never know what the future brings, earth angels know that they can make a positive change today.

They are full of understanding and quite aware of how difficult and frightening the world may seem but they live in the present and want to make positive changes for other people as much as possible.


Earth angels are often related to jobs in the field of humanitarianism and therefore, they may often work as social workers, counselors, acupuncturists or massage therapists. This is not at all unusual since they see themselves as healers and want jobs with which they can do what they are passionate about.

They feel being called to do something more than what people usually consider “normal”. They do not like programmed society and following other people’s steps. They want to live by their own rules, not being told what to do.


Earth angels make decisions based on intuition and emotions, they do not live life through logic. They are extremely guided by their left-brained way of living and connect to things such as art, music, story telling. They trust their inner voice and often call on their spirit guides or angels to assist them.

They believe that the universe will bring positive changes into things and people’s lives and they receive messages through their intuition which acts as a medium when they speak to their spiritual guides and angels.


A lot of questions run through the minds of the earth angels such as “Why do people work so much and yet they cannot afford things they need?”, “Why do people do jobs they hate?”, “ Why do people treat their home like garbage?”, “Why do people take so much and give so little?”, “Why are there wars and racism?”, “Why aren’t we a more civilized society?” etc. Based on the answers of these questions and many more other questions, earth angels reject modern society and are often called hippies.

The truth is that these people only care about the planet and each other in a way they believe is normal and necessary . They understand that people need each other to survive and therefore, they can not live isolated life. They believe that we should all come together and enjoy our right to love, to be happy, to be free.

This planet is big enough and there is enough for everyone to live joyfully and fully. They spread the ancient wisdom and hope that people will one day wake up and cherish nature above all material things, greed, big corporations and anything else that promotes separation, division and negative energy.

If you find these signs true for you, then you are an earth angel or lightworker. This is a rewarding role even though difficult at times. Do not feel frustrated or lost. Remember that you are here for a purpose. Do not stop shining just because others want you to shrink down. Go on shining as bright as the sun because you will make a big difference in this world.


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