An Ancient Manuscript Reveals How To Gain Energy Directly From The Universe


One ancient book of astrology and magic is called Picatrix. According to the experts, this book with 400 pages was written in the eleventh century. Picatrix is divided into 4 books and there is no systematic exposition.

This ancient book can be used to channel and attract energy directly from our cosmos. This would help the person to develop a particular event according to his own will with the help of zodiac magic. Zodiac magic can be mastered and controlled with accuracy if the forces of the universe are used, as well as the nature and everything that surrounds us.

Picatrix is not a simple book. It does not only involve the use of talismans and magical statues. It tells as about entire cities that were built with the help of astrological magic.

Picatrix is an incredible composition of older books about astrology and magic. According to most interpretation, this work can be considered as a handbook that teaches us of the magic of talismans. In the thirteenth century, this Arabic work was translated first into Spanish and then into Latin. It got its name when the Latin translation was made. Sometimes the title, Picatrix, is also used to refer to the author of this ancient book.

When the work was translated into Latin, it started to spread throughout Europe. It became extremely popular between the fifteenth and eighteenth century.

It is believed that the original Castilian version of Picatrix was lost. However, the Latin version called Liber Picatrix was popular in the West, especially between the fifteenth and eighteenth century.

It is believed that this book was written by an alchemist of Al-Andalus, mathematician and astronomer, called Abu-Maslama Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Abd al-da’im al-Majrit. This man wanted to gather all the knowledge of the Middle East from the eight and ninth century in one book.

Actually, Arab historian believed that the original Arab version of the book, which was called Gayat al-Hakim, was written by this mathematician. It is believed that al-Majrit died somewhere between 1005 CE and 1008 CE.

However, there are some historians who disagree with these authorship claims. They believe that the Picatrix was written by some apprentice of a magic school in the Middle East. They believe in this because of the style of the book, which present the work as a kind of notebook.

This enigmatic work was very popular, especially because it was meant to teach a person how to control the energy from our universe as well as many other things. According to many authors this work can be seen as a summary of the Arabic celestial magic that was known in those times.

The entire content of this ancient magical book is extremely fascinating. In it, there are astrological references connected to stones, animals, metals, plants and other things, as well as the use of talismanic magic.

Through the knowledge hidden in this book, a reader would be able to obtain energy from the universe and control and use it in order to create a particular event according to its own will. According to Picatrix, zodiac magic can be dominated and mastered accurately with the help of nature, the universe and everything around us.

This ancient magical book also contains lunar calendars and numerology rules. These are supposed to help the reader plan a ritual in the most suitable moment so that the energy from the universe gives us positive results.

On the other side, this mysterious book offers much more that simple astrology and numerology to the reader. It also offers ancient texts about numerous spells and some bizarre recipes that include some dangerous ingredients such as psychoactive plants, opium and even hashish. These substances and ingredients were used in ancient times a lot in order to induce astral journeys and altered states of consciousness.

Maybe the intentions of this book were to teach people to master the spirit forces and contact the dead. In these recipes, other types of ingredients were used, such as saliva, blood, tears, sperm, earwax and sperm. These ingredients were combined together in order to be able to contact a different world daily.

Remember that the Picatrix is not a book of talismans and magical statues. It is a book that even shows that astrological magic could be used to create entire cities.

Nowadays, you can find an English translation of this book.




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