7 Ancient Methods To Remove All Negative Energy From Your Home That Actually Work!


We all have felt a healing energy when we are away from civilization and we are spending time in nature. However, we have to go home at some point.

We know that there is a difference between the noise and the stress in city and the peace in nature. This happens because nature is much richer in positive energy than the city and our homes.

Before we start incorporating more positive energy in our homes, we have to cleanse the house from the accumulated negative energy. In this article, we present you with some effective ancient cleansing methods that will completely cleanse your home from all the negative energy in it.

• Salt – this method is extremely simple and effective. You just need to sprinkle table salt on the carpet in your home and leave it for 60 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum up the salt. For a room of a medium size, use at least 3 tablespoons of salt. Salt crystals are excellent against negative energy. They simply cleanse or eliminate the negative energy.

• Clutter – A lot of negative energy can remain in your home due to the presence of dirty clothes or old magazines. You must remove old items that you don’t need from your home. You also have to keep your coffee tables clean, place the laundry in the hamper, wash the dirty clothes and put them back in place.

• Noises – The Chinese adore fireworks for reason. Noises can break up energy and allow it to disappear. The sound of thunderstorm does the same in nature.

• Spiritual music – Music is a powerful tool that resonates with the soul. The spiritual importance of music is something that goes beyond community, society and state.

• Meditation – positive energy will spread through the home if you meditate in there at least once a day. The energy that is broadcasted through meditation is more powerful than the negative energy and it will keep your home positive for several hours.

• Furniture rearrangement – if you have a wide open space in your home, negative energy will be able to disperse and not stick in your home.

• Plants – your home will get positive energy, color, oxygen and life if you keep some flowers in it. However, you have to water and maintain them constantly. Even NASA stated that some plants are extremely resistant and can be kept easily. These plants are able to cleanse the air in the house.


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