Wreckage From An Mysterious Ancient Planet In Mars’ Orbit, This Is Huge!


The scientists believe that there was a mysterious world that disappeared from the solar system many years ago.

Now, a wreckage from that world has appeared in the orbit of Mars.

Around Mars, there are many asteroids which are called Trojans. Now, the scientists believe that these objects are part of an old and mysterious world that disappeared from the solar system.

According to new research, all of these objects that are orbiting around Mars are made of the same composition. This means that they are all fractures from an ancient planet and were created after a huge collision.

The studies have helped scientists to determine 9 Trojans till now. The largest Trojan has a diameter of 2 kilometers and the others have a diameter between 500 meters and 1.3 kilometers.

This type of asteroids is not something new in the solar system. According to the astronomers, these asteroids have existed since the beginning of the solar system when asteroids, planets, comets and moons were positioned in a completely different way.

Trojan asteroids are also orbiting other planets. For instance, in Neptune’s and Jupiter’s orbit there are more than 6,000 asteroids.

Around Mars, there are 9 Trojans. The first one that was discovered 35 years ago was named Eureka. This is the largest asteroid in Mars’ orbit.

In order to analyze these asteroids in Mars’ orbit, the astronomers used the Very Large Telescope located in Chile. With this telescope, they were able to understand detailed characteristics of the asteroids.

Experts were able to determine the same compositions of all the asteroids by noticing that they reflect similar spectrum of sunlight.

However, there was something strange that the scientists noticed. The composition of the asteroids was not similar to the composition of any other object in the solar system. The asteroids were composed of a mineral that is usually part of larger materials which are exposed to high temperatures and pressure. This mineral is called olivine.

No other asteroid in the solar system has this type of composition. Therefore, the scientists believe that the asteroids are part of an ancient mini planet, which was probably destroyed due to a massive collision.

The scientists firmly believe that these Trojans are part of an ancient planet and this type of materials may also be part of the formation of our own planet, the Earth.

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