If You See These 15 Animals Very Often, Someone Is Trying To Contact You From ”Above”


When things go sideways someone is trying to contact us from above. Or at least there are signs that warn us that we must pay more attention to something that is going on in our life. These signs can appear in the form of an animal. These animals are messengers.

Animals have a purpose on the earth. They serve as givers of love and light, messengers and teachers. They are the ones who help us understand our world. They show us what was here before and what will there be when we are no longer part of this world or planet.

Animals are conscious living beings. We must remember that we must treat all living things with respect and dignity.

Our ancestors have treated animals as something sacred. There behavior was received as a sign or clue that was sent by Mother Earth.

We can understand the energy around us better if we carefully observe the behavior of animals. We will also be able to fully understand the signs and messages that are sent to us.

In the same manner as we have spirits that guide us, we also have spirit animals. These animals often appear in our lives to teach us something about our strengths and abilities or to give us a certain message.

Sometimes a spirit animal can appear in our lives for a short time to send us a message that we must pay more attention to something.

If you are curious about some type of an animal messenger that is constantly appearing in your life, such as in everyday life or your dreams, you can find out the meaning of this encounter in this article.

Animal messengers and the reason why they appear:

• Hawk

This animal is strong, with powerful wings and perfect eyesight. If you are seeing a hawk or images of hawks constantly, this may be a sign that you have to reexamine something carefully before doing or deciding anything.
This animal may also be sending you a message that you will learn an important lesson or meet an important teacher soon.

• Eagle

This animal is a sign of transferring to higher level of consciousness or a sign of spiritual protection.
If you are encountering eagles or images of this animal constantly, it may be a sign of transferring to a different level of consciousness.

• Crow or raven

These animals are often considers as a bad omen. However, they may be a sign that you are finally prepared to let go of something

Seeing one of these animals is rarely a sign of physical death. It is usually a sign of a rebirth.

• Owl

If you see an owl or images of this animal it may be a sign that you have to pay more attention to your inner wisdom and intuition. This animal is also a sign to trust your inner gut instinct and feelings. These feelings are trying to tell you the right direction you should follow.

An owl may also be a sign that tells you to be authentic and truthful about your actions.

• Cardinal

For a long time, these birds have been connected to a message received from a deceased father figure or a male spiritual guide.

Seeing cardinal birds may be a sign that tells you that you are protected and loved by this deceased male figure. They may also be a remainder to stay confident and strong in your life.

• Bluejay

For a long time, bluejay birds have been connected to receiving a message from a deceased female or a female spiritual guide. If you see these birds constantly, it may be a sign that you should continue with your creative projects and enjoy your creativity fully.

The bluejays may also be a sign that family is something extremely important or that your family needs you.

• Praying mantis

Praying mantis appears to bring a message that you should fill your life with peace and tranquility. These animals also appear to point out the power and importance of stillness and making time for the things we love doing.

These animals may also be a sign that you are missing something or you are not paying attention to something important.

• Lizard

You have to be more attentive with your goals and dreams because seeing lizards or picture of these animals may the sign for this. The reasons for this sign may be your loss in faith in what you can achieve. You may have also been feeling negative about your own abilities.

The lizard messenger is here to remind you that you possess power to achieve anything.

• Snakes

Snakes are a reminder or your own passions and life force. If you see these animals or at least images of them, it is a sign that you have to be more dedicated to the things that you feel passionate about. You must continue pursuing your goals, dreams, passions and ideas that you have through your entire life.

A snake or images of snakes may also be a sign of being in a place of renewal and healing.

• Spiders

Spiders are a symbol of a spiritual connection and creation. If you see spiders or images of them often, it may be a sign that you must turn to your creative potentials. You have to go through your ideas and inspirations that lead you to create and achieve things in life.

Spiders can also be a powerful sign of a connection with the spiritual world. They may also be a symbol of a spirit that is trying to connect to you, send you a message or remind you of a spiritual connection that you have.

• Dragonfly

Dragonflies or images of them are a strong sign and reminder that you are not alone. You are protected by your own spiritual guides and guardian angels. They are with you all the time.

Seeing dragonflies on several occasions may also show that you are heading in a good direction and you are on a right path. This direction or path is what your own soul needs.

• Ladybug

Seeing ladybugs or images of them repeatedly may be a sign that everything is good, good luck will come to you and the things will shift in your favor. These insects may also be a sign that you need to be grateful for all the positive things that you have and will have in your life.

Ladybugs may also show the right time to continue forward. It is the time for achieving your greatest wishes and dreams.

• Butterflies

Butterflies are a sign that you have to change internally in order to achieve an external shift. They may also symbolize that it is time to release a feeling or a though that is holding you back.

Butterflies may also be a sign of personal growth.

• Wolves

Wolves may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to the people around you or that you need to connect with your family and friends.

They may also symbolize that it is time to accept the help of others.

• Foxes

Foxes may be symbol of the need for you to change your thought and approaches in life.

Foxes may also remind you that you need to laugh and seek happiness instead of being serious.


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