In North America, Archaeologists Discovered the Oldest Settlement! It Is Even Older Than The Pyramids In Egypt


In this article, we will present you with another discovery that contradicts and changes historical records. Archaeologists unearthed the oldest human settlement in North America.

This ancient settlement is at least three times older than the Egyptian pyramids and it is definitely the oldest known settlement in North America.

According to the archaeologists, this village survived at least 2 tsunamis. The first tsunami occurred around 6.500 years ago, while the second one occurred around 5,500 years ago.

The archaeologists were excavating a remote island in British Colombia, when they found the settlement. This ancient village is one of the oldest settlements discovered in North America and probably in the world.

According to the first conclusions made by the experts, this ancient settlement is 14,000 years old. It was discovered on the Triquet Island, which is 500 kilometers away from Victoria Canada.

The researchers believe that this ancient settlement is older than the Pyramids in Giza. The exact location of this ancient village is the territory where the Heiltsuk people leaved then.

What is amazing about this discovery is that it matches the Heiltsuk people legends that were passed from one generation to another. These legends speak about very old coastal villages that existed in this region.

The researchers concluded the age of the settlement by analyzing charcoal that was found in the location.

The archaeologists are glad that they could determine the age of the village and that they found some interesting objects. The stone tools that they found speak about the abilities of the inhabitants and the origin of the settlement.

The experts were also able to conclude that the inhabitants of this village were able to hunt large mammals, such as sea lions and seals.

This discovery could also change the historical records about human migration in the past.

Namely, according to today’s records people of the Stone Age moved through a bridge from Siberia to Alaska.

However, it is possible that the records about the humans entering North America by coast are more accurate.



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