After Drunk Night In Vegas This Retired Area 51 Worker Gives UFO Secrets Away!

After getting completely drunk, a retired area 51 worker gave same UFO secrets away. A YouTuber has uploaded a video, in which he reveals his conversation with his neighbor, who has a great knowledge about UFOs. IT has already a million views, and there are a lot of hypothesis about it. What is your opinion?

He remembers that one night when the sky was really dark and the stars were visible because there was no light, after getting drunk, he told that him that he saw a horizon belt, two parallel stars, where the good aliens live, and there is a little star, on which, live the bad aliens. The good aliens are similar to the traditional aliens, which are grey with big eyes and big head that we see in magazines or on the Net. However, the bad aliens are brown-colored and are very tall.

The UFOs ran out on electricity, created by space. They are able to go very fast, because there is an engine which opens up space, and it is like the UFOs fall into itself.



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