They Found A Lost City Beneath The Ice Of Antarctica; Is This The Legendary Atlantis?

The claims are based on many old maps that with great precision show Antarctic without ice. Antarctic is covered in ice that is more than 1 km thick, but according to some scientific theories, 10,000 years ago in that area there was a legendary civilization of Atlantis!

A lot of skeptics reject the theory of connections between Atlantis and Antarctica because Antarctica is now completely uninhabitable. However, in ancient times Antarctica was definitely habitable, as proven by the many ancient maps that show Antarctica without ice. The most famous such Piri Reis map is a map made by Admiral of the same name at the time of the Ottoman Empire.

It is interesting that the Piri Reis map is based on many older maps that show with great precision without the Antarctic ice, which covers it today. This clearly indicates that once upon a time there was an ancient civilization with advanced technology that explored Antarctica at a time when it was not frozen, according to the British San.

The thing is that the Antarctic in the past was somewhere between the South Pole and the Equator. This means that at that time it was ruled a tropical or temperate climate and that it was the various forms of life. This means that even people could live in Antarctica in the distant past. The bark of our planet is separated into several tectonic plates which literally “float” on the molten inner layer. These plates are periodically colliding with each other. However, there was a theory on the deployment crust that extends the theory of continental displacement. Then happens a separation of land masses and the continents are moving to another position.

Many researchers believe that the last time this happened was 10,000 years BC, and then Antarctica moved from his old position to the South Pole.

Today, nearly 98 percent of Antarctica is covered with ice that is more than one kilometer thick. If some ancient people inhabited Antarctica while he was covered by nature and no ice, then their heritage now lies deep under a layer of ice. Some scientists believe that such a thing is entirely possible.

US Admiral Baird in 1949 conducted an expedition to Antarctica and took sediment samples from three places that were once the river. The samples have proved that Antarctica was not always covered with ice.

Data from these expeditions suggest that between the 4th and the 12th millennium BC on Earth lived a very advanced civilization that possessed a big knowledge of cartography, navigation and astronomy. Their technological advances have been far ahead of other cultures that emerged after them. This lost civilization lived a few tens of thousands of years, and it is possible that they lived on the continent or island called Atlantis, and that their heritage is under a thick layer of ice in Antarctica.

California TV crew, who has been missing since 2002, allegedly left behind the image and the story of the ancient ruins found under the ice in Antarctica. Archaeologist and adventurer Jonathan Gray argues that the US Navy has found shot in an abandoned pit to supply 160 kilometers west of the station Vostok, and according to sources, video material reveals massive archaeological site 3,200 meters below the surface of the ice.

He said that the artifacts that represent advanced ancient technology are usually suppressed because they do not agree with the current academic beliefs, with the evidence destroyed or hidden. Gray argues that countries like Peru, America, Israel, New Zealand, France and Australia hide numerous evidence.


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