They Accidentally Found A Door In The Basement Leading To A Sealed Nazi Hideout. Watch What They Found Inside

Many secrets of the Third Reich have remained hidden in various parts of the world and some of them deep underground. See what a terrible secret was guarded under the Mathäus-Gusen concentration camp and what the researchers found decades later!

St. Georgen an der Gusen might seem like a nice and quiet town. However, once was the center of terrible atrocities. During World War the Nazis systematically killed thousands of Jews in Mathäus-Gusen concentration camp. The prisoners of these camps were forced to dig catacombs that served as factories for B8 Bergkristal.

Observation towers still stand around the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. They are grim reminder of what happens when people touch the darkest abysses of evil. This is how the concentration camp looked when it was liberated by the Allies in May 1945.

When they realized they would lose the war, the Nazis built tunnels in a desperate attempt to preserve their closely guarded factory of weapons. Sulcer got interested in the camp, after he discovered many intriguing documents, including a letter written by Viktor Schauberger in which she describes his research on “splitting the atom” and a document of the high-ranking US agent who spied the SS. Sulcer led the team that helped him come and explore the long-forgotten tunnels.

After three years digging his group of historians and researchers had found a Nazi helmet. A high-ranking Nazi officer Hans Kammler was the head of Mathäus-Gusen concentration camp. He oversaw officially gave approval for each gas chamber. He even observed the work of prisoners on Messerschmitt Me262, the first airplane jet.

According to Sulcer and his team, the SS commander of Mathäus-Gusen, Franz Sireis was hiding mass graves in the tunnels beneath the camp. On his deathbed Sireis admitted that he ordered to kill every prisoner who has worked on the secret Nazi projects.

With tunnels 303,500 km2 long, this factory was huge. They need a georadar just to measure the enormous size of the plant. The Nazis were proud of the factory! Sulzer’s team was crashing granite and concrete with heavy machinery.

Everything from the production of weapons to attempt to create an atomic bomb took place in the cramped and dark tunnels. The bodies of prisoners who were killed before the liberation might still be found somewhere in the tunnels.

The tunnels were primarily constructed deep underground to protect from the bombing, which obviously worked. Check out what happened when Sulcer and his team delved deeper into the tunnels:






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