The Huge Asteroid Apophis Is Coming Closer To Earth, Are We In Danger?

The History Channel has shared a video regarding the danger of the gigantic asteroid which is called after the god of destruction from ancient Egypt, Apophis.

As it is reported in the video, the asteroid width is around three football fields and its impact will be 1000 times stronger than the atomic bomb that struck Hiroshima. However it was earlier believed that it will not hit the Earth in 2036.

Although it was probably a false alarm, it is understandable why people are so worried about such possibility since it may bring destruction of several major cities.

Nevertheless, the Planetary Defense Coordination Office of NASA controls the situation and the possibility of such incident with their highly powered instruments such as telescopes and cameras which help them to assess, detect and protect the Earth from destructive asteroids.

Luckily, we are safe for now since it has been assumed that the asteroid will bypass our planet in 2036 approximately 150 lunar distances away from the Earth.




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