The Big Pharma Is Not Satisfied: More Than 80% Of People That Use Cannabis Refuse Drugs Prescriptions

The Center for Addictions of BC has conducted a survey and its results did not satisfied the Pharmaceutical industry.

The Big Pharma has great influence in Washington and was strongly against the legalization of the cannabis since in that way the industry protected its profits.

As reported by Natural Blaze, the legalization of cannabis meant that the decriminalization of the recreational and medical cannabis has swept the continent and the nation. People became more aware of its advantages and chose this plant over the dangerous side effects of the prescription drugs.

In the previously mentioned survey conducted on 473 adults who used cannabis for therapeutic purposes has shown that 87% of them gave up alcohol, prescription drugs, and many other medications in favor of the cannabis plant. The adults who were under 40 they gave up all three of those dangerous things in favor of this plant.

However, the most unexpected and shocking thing for the big pharmaceutical industry is that 80% of the survey participants reported they substituted cannabis for all prescription medications they previously used or that they were supposed to use.

Moreover, 32% have reported that they substituted cannabis for illicit substances and 52% have substituted it for alcohol. The results suggest that promising number of people have chosen this miracle plant as an alternative for the addictive, dangerous and deadly substances. In addition, cannabis has never been the reason for an overdose death.

The results of this survey indicate that the substitution of cannabis for these substances may cause reduction in terms of their use and it may also have implications in the treatment approaches regarding the use of abstinence-based substances.

Further researches have to be conducted in order to make difference between the biomedical replacement for prescription of pharmaceutical and psychoactive substances and to clarify their mechanisms as well.

According to the Free Thought Project, the U.S. faces a painkiller outbreak, due to the escalating overdose lethal cases since the Pharmaceutical industry has secured its bond with the mainstream medicine and the government.

Heroin and various other opioid painkillers are leading cause of overdose deaths in U.S. and alcohol is also a reason for fatal injuries, something which has not been seen in the last 35 years.

The survey has shown that the only solution for those problems is the cannabis itself. The American for Safe Access has discovered the health conditions and problems which can be successfully treated by cannabis in comparison with prescription medications.

• Arthritis
• Chronic Pain
• Gastrointestinal Disorders
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Movement Disorders

The benefits and advantages of the use of cannabis have already been confirmed. The conditions such as anxiety, insomnia which are usually treated with pills such as Xanax, Ambien or Zoloft whose side effects cause addiction can be treated with cannabis as well.

Although the Pharmaceutical industry prevented the surveys regarding cannabis for decades, the prohibition crumbled and the recent studies has shown that the previous belief imposed by the big Pharma that cannabis has no medical benefits is actually a farce.



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