Can You Spot The Circles Hiding In The Photo? Most People Can’t… (Answer Inside)


Take a look at the image below. What do you see?

It is hilarious how our minds can play tricks on us. We may notice one thing, whereas our mind may perceive another one, which makes more sense.

Since the 19th century, scientists have been investigating the concept of perception. In fact, they made simple illusions in order to show how our mind perceives different shapes and patterns.

Moreover, their studies were related to earlier theories on how our minds play tricks on us. They found out that the mind makes judgments about the size by using objects. Therefore, they tried to manipulate this fact by making an illusion.

The image below created a stir after it has been uploaded on the Internet. What can you notice when you look at the image? Do you see boxes or lines?

If you are not on your own, you eyes and mind may play tricks on you. Crazy or not, there are 16 circles on the image below. Some people can see them, whereas other people cannot.

Optical illusions use patterns, light and color to create images that are not real. They are made to confuse our minds. When the mind tries to understand what the eyes see, the optical illusion creates a perception that differs from that in front of us.

However, the trick may be to be able to notice the optical illusion. If you are able to make a difference between fact and illusion, you can also find the circles hidden in the image below.

Ready? Let’s try it.


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