Mysterious Ships Are Arriving In Europe And No One Knows Who Sends Them! (They Are Not Registered By The Radars)

Cargo ships that “travel in fog” according to European water can serve for smuggling arms, drugs and people, and a leading experts are warning that they can be a terrorist threat as well.

The figures collected by the maritime research company “Windward” in January and February say that there were 40 ships which arrived into the United Kingdom from Libya, and that is the area where the North African branch of the

Islamic state is located. Previously, 20 ships passed through the Libyan and Syrian water. Each of these 60 ships stopped to me to broadcast its location during the traveling.

Simultaneously, “Windward” claims that boats from other harbors traveled 2,850 times before they enter in European water, while 45 arrived to the United Kingdom, and they were not be tracked in the previous 24 hours, writes “Daily Mail”. Around 300 boats arrived in the European water invalid transport documents, and 50 of them came to the United Kingdom.

“There is a real concern because of what is happening in the sea. It needs to be explored, “said one former head of the Royal Navy for the” Times. ”

Sources close to the newspaper said that it is impossible to analyze such a large a number of ships with the existing resources.

When the ship is turned off, its tracking becomes almost impossible and it can happen only if the satellite is aimed towards the ship among hundreds of other ships.

Another source of maritime center made a statement for the “Times” saying that this would be very difficult for the United Kingdom as it is an island and they would have to place patrols literally everywhere.


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