Edd Sheeran As Guest In Carpool Karaoke And It’s Hilarious


Are you ready to laugh? Ed Sheeran took part in the recent Carpool karaoke, where James Corden drives with famous people and persuades them to sing famous songs. The result is very fanny.

The karaoke started with the well-know Sheeran’s song – ‘Shape of you’.

According to James, it is a really sexy song. This might have induced Ed to make out to make a film. They also sang other Sheeran’s songs, as well as Justin Beiber’s tune and ‘What

Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. Then, everything seemed funny. Even though this video may be hilarious and entertaining, Corden challenges Ed to gorge as many chocolate balls as possible. But Ed is not on his own in this challenge.

Corden took 26 chocolate balls and immediately spit them on the road. Ed managed to take 55 chocolate balls. Watch the video below and hear Ed Sheeran’s carpool karaoke.


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