According To NASA, Other Developed Civilizations Existed On Earth Before Us

Recently, according to the latest research of NASA, it was stated that several other developed civilizations, which were similar to ours, already existed on Earth before us, but suddenly they disappeared.

According to the study, on the basis of the previously regarded civilizations, in the following several decades, the humankind will disappear in the same way.

The has stated:

‘When we look back in history, about 3000 – 5000 years ago, we are going to find out some ancient reports, which certainly reveal how more complex and developed civilizations were exposed to complete crash in the same way as we are nowadays. Having this in mind, the researchers have doubted the existence of the human society and civilization in the future’.

In case we looked back in the history, we would certainly come across some information that proves the existence of other developed civilizations, which preceded the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, the Pre-Inca, as well as the Olmec, without considering the other ancient, developed civilizations in Mesopotamia.

It is not easy at all to observe the repeated patterns, which were previously found out by some geniuses of the mentioned civilizations, and the recent study of NASA clearly shows up the pattern that the developed civilizations of Earth have already taken up. According to some of the people, it is regarded as a sign, which means that the ancient civilizations have reset several times.

All these factors, which are continuously repeated, represent a malefactor for the developed civilizations that existed before us. According to Safa Motesharri, a mathematician, and his ‘Human and Nature Dynamical’ model, as the report stated, the continual process of rise and fall of the civilizations, in fact, represents a periodical cycle throughout the history. Not only the fall of the Roman Empire, but also (and even more) the developed Gupta Empires, Mauryan, Han, as well as the developed Mesopotamian Empires, can all serve as an evidence that the complex, modern and developed civilizations can be temporary and breakable.

According to the study, there are two major factors that led to the fall of the each developed civilization in the past, and they are ‘the elaboration of the resources as a result of emphasis that is put on the ecological availability’ and ‘the economic classification of societies into Commoners (poor) and Elites or Masses (rich)’. These major factors have had the vital role in the process of fall of the most of the civilizations in the past five thousand years and more.

Even though our civilization is highly technologically advanced, it does not implicitly mean that it is saved from the pending disorder. According to the study of NASA, the changes in the technology can lead to increased efficiency of the used resources, but also can lead to increased resource consumption per capita, as well as to increased extraction of resources, which means that missing policy effects and the increased consumption can also make up for the increased efficiency of the used resources.

One of the best instances of developed civilizations collapsing is found in Mesoamerica. So if we take for example, the ancient Maya that was highly developed civilization, we will found out that numerous major factors had a vital role in the sudden collapse of a great civilization like this one.

Even though, most of the researches personally thought that the major factors crucial for the collapse of the ancient and developed Maya were famine, drought and deforestation, still there are pattern which are the same in other developed civilization, and not only in the Americans, but also all over the globe.

According to S. Motesharrei and his colleagues, closely considering the reality the world nowadays, we will found out the it is not easy at all to prevent the collapse. At first, the civilization:

“….. for a long time, seems to be on a continual course, and even though the diminishing level is minimal, beginning with a limited number of Elites, it seems that the Elites suddenly take a lot, which leads to famine among the Commoners, and as a result of that the collapse of the civilization emerges. What is more important is to be aware that the collapse type-L is a result of an inadequately induced famine, which mainly leads to absence of workers, instead of collapse of society”.



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