Leaked Evidence May Confirm Elon Musk’s Theory That The Universe Is A Computer Simulation


According to physicists, there is evidence for Elon Musk’s Theory about the universe as a computer simulation.

Their proof is the computer simulation of the universe that these physicists created. It looks a lot as the universe.

According to some well-thought and long experiments carried out by people who are part of popular culture and philosophers, any large and intelligent civilization can eventually make a simulation universe if it is possible.

This means that there will be more simulations within the simulation itself. The real universe or our world can be artificial due to this.

The scientists and researchers from the Bonn University in Germany believe that they can prove this and support their theory with evidence.

The problem in simulations is that the seemingly continuous laws of physics have to be imposed onto a 3 dimensional lattice which advances in time.

In simple words this means that in a simple simulation the computer that is used will put limits on the simulation. For example, the computer will limit the amount of energy that the particles in the program use.

The limits that the computer poses will be felt by the ones that live in the simulation. These limits are very similar to the limits that really exist in the universe or world that we know.

Let us explain this with an example. There is something called GZK or Greisen Zatsepin Kuzmin cut off. This is a limit of energy that the cosmic ray particles have. The limit is caused by the interaction with the cosmic background radiation.

According to the researchers, these patterns are like a mirror to what can be expected from a computer made universe.

Only science can research and explain this universe simulation further. Only a complete research and given data can prove this theory.

It is an intriguing thought that we may be part of a simulation that has limits. However, maybe the physicists and other scientists will be able to go beyond these limits.


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