New Research Shows That Consciousness Survives The Death Of The Body


We all wonder what happens to the body after we die. Even though many people, spiritual traditions and religions have made out their conclusion about the ever-lasting souls, it requires a great faith to be sure about after life.

The scientists do not take up this easily, and wonder what happens to consciousness after our death.

A group of researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK carried AWARE (Awareness during resuscitation), which was one of the biggest studies about what happens to the human consciousness after we die.

They came to the conclusion that they are still not sure what happens, but awareness and consciousness survive for some time after the clinical death, meaning that the human body and consciousness are interrelated, even though they may take different paths after clinical death.

The scientists at the University of Southampton have spend nearly 4 years on investigating over 2.000 people, who experienced cardiac arrests at hospitals of Austria, the US and the UK.

They have found out that almost 40 % of those people that survived described some type of awareness after they were clinically dead, when their hearts were restored even though they did not have any recall of events.

Of those who stated that they had a sense of awareness after clinical death, 46 % said that they experienced mental recollections, which were not consistent to NDEs (near death experiences), including fearful experiences. Only 9 % stated that they experienced mental recollections consistent with near-death experiences.

The scientists think about near-death experiences that are scientifically not proven and that have subjective nature. The themes linked to the experiences after death are far broader that what have been realized so far, or what has been described as near-death experiences.

In order to find out more about what happens to the consciousness after the clinical death, a team led by Dr. Sam Parnia, who was interviewed, stated:

The evidence has shown that a few minutes after we die, consciousness is still not annihilated. They are not sure whether it disappears afterwards, but after we die, consciousness is present. They know that the brain cannot work if the heart had stopped beating.

However, it was though that consciousness have went on up to three minutes after the heart has stopped beating, even though the brain stops working 20 – 30 seconds after the heart beating was stopped.

This is very important as it has been though that experiences in connection to death are similar to illusions or hallucinations, which occur before the heart beating stops or just after it has been restored. Moreover, the recollection of awareness was compatible to verified events.

Scientists claim that they still do not know what really happens to human consciousness after the clinical death even though, according to the results of the study, some part of the human consciousness survives a few minutes after we die, and maintains awareness in order to be able to observe a clinically death body while waiting for a resuscitation.

The research has shown that consciousness is able to survive after clinical death, and it still open new opportunities for better understanding of the relationship between the spirit and the body. Now, the detailed mental recollections of awareness offer further investigation with no prejudice.

Reference: Waking Science


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