This Controversial Scientist Claims That Da Vinci’s ”The Last Supper” Contains A Secret Message Which The Illuminati Try To Hide From The Public Eye

There is a secret message in da Vinci’s Last Supper that reveals the possibility that Jesus was mortal.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper may hide a secret message. What if this is true? What if his paintings contain the well-known Da Vinci’s code?

The copies of the painting present Jesus with his 13 students, but Da Vinci’s painting is unique and according to one researcher there is a rational explanation why Da Vinci didn’t put a halo above Jesus head the heads of his students. According to this researcher, the reason for this is to show that Jesus Christ was a mere mortal.

Before Leonardo Da Vinci, all of the paintings of the Last Supper were depicting Jesus and the students with halos above their heads, but Leonardo da Vinci decided to omit this fact and paint Jesus and the other men without the halos.

According to this researcher, this was a way for Leonardo da Vinci to send a secret message.

The people in the Last Supper, including Jesus were not saints. They were ordinary mortal beings.

The researchers of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings believe that he omitted the halos due to the fact that he believed that they are simple human beings. And this is Leonardo’s secret. There are no extraordinary or extraterrestrial objects present in the painting. Leonardo sends us a message that the thirteen people are normal and simple human beings.

The suggestion that Jesus was mortal is a subject of a constant debate, which was mentioned many times before. It is interesting that the novel Da Vinci’s Code and the movie that followed contain serious claims, but they were firmly rejected by Vatican.

Leonardo da Vinci sent a subtitle message through his Last Supper. This message is telling us that Jesus Christ is an ordinary, mortal human being. This subject became especially popular with the appearance of the book Da Vinci’s Code and the following movie.



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