The Dalai Lama Continues To Offend The Massive Brainwashing Of The Society

The fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet is getting more and more attention and there is a good reason for this.

According to him, simple prayers cannot provide the answer and the solution for what happened in Paris and the other places all over the world.

Dalai Lama says that these terrible problems have been created by humans and we cannot ask God to solve them. This chaos was created by humanity and it must be solved by the humans, not God.

After his comments spread, people around the globe realized that something must be done on a mass scale if we want to stop the wrong direction in which humanity is heading.

Besides the attacks in Paris, there are comments on the wars around the world and the massive brainwashing of the society on Dalai Lama’s webpage. The webpage contains comments about terrorism, wars and creation of the terrorist groups around the world.

According to Dalai Lama, the military establishments and the wars are the largest source of violence. These organizations, no matter whether they are offensive or defensive, have one main purpose – to kill people.

Therefore, every person must think about the true meaning of war. Some countries teach their people that war is glamorous and exciting. It is a place where men can show their courage and competence. An army is a legal organ, so nobody sees war as something unacceptable and criminal. However, this is not true. People are brainwashed and forced to believe that war is attractive and exciting. War is a tragedy full of suffering and pain.

Dalai Lama words can really open our eyes. It is clear that war brings only death of millions of people.

We are brainwashed into believing that military service is something that a person should be proud of. Of course military men and women join the army to serve their country. These people have good hearts and they are brave. However, they are not aware that the so called war on terrorism is unreal. These men and women are defending their country from terroristic groups that were created by that same country.

The war on terrorism is fake, as the soldiers are brainwashed into believing that they are going against an enemy, but that same enemy is financed and supported by the Western military alliances.

Dalai Lama speaks that we see weapons as marvels of technology, while they are used to destroy people. Meanwhile, we are not thinking of the suffering of the poor soldiers. No one wants to die from these weapons and leave his family. When a soldier dies, his family starts to suffer. Weapons bring only tragedy.

To stop war, the soldiers must wake up from the brainwashing. Humans are killing other human beings, humans are giving the orders and they are believing that war is a positive thing.

The reason behind war is us. We are the creators of war, we participate in wars and make them continue. If soldiers start to wake up and refuse to go to war, the terror and suffering will stop.

The murderous dictators around the world, who continue to cause international problems and wars and oppress their people, cannot exist and continue to destroy thousands of lives if there is no military power standing behind them, which is supported and accepted by the society.

Fortunately, there are some soldiers around the world that start to speak up, wake up and refuse to accept the orders of their dictators.

Dalai Lama on his website also mentions the enormous expenses of war. The money that are given to the military and the defense departments of the countries can actually end world hunger and poverty. Therefore, money are only a piece of paper printed from a computer and controlled by the elite.

Even the ex Canadian defense minister explained that trillions of dollars are spent on military and other types of projects. Meanwhile, the Commander in Chief and the State’s Congress don’t know anything about these spending. Even president Eisenhower warned us that misplaced power exists and will continue to exist in the future. Today, we are witnesses of the abuse of money and military power.

Instead of using money for killing and destruction, we can use them as tools to provide clothing, shelter and food for the people that don’t have them. The defense budget of only a couple of countries can solve this problem all around the world.

We should all stand against killing and violence. It is unacceptable for human beings to kill other human beings. This is the courageous message that Dalai Lama wants to send to all the people around the world.



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