Prominent Scientists Claim That Death Does Not Exist

One of the biggest mysteries of our existence is the life that comes after death. However, nowadays the experts claim that there is no death of the consciousness but only body death.

According to some prominent scientists, the quantum mechanics enables the consciousness to live even after the body dies. Although the scientists still cannot determine the true meaning of the term consciousness, Stuart Hameroff from the University in Arizona claims that it is only a kind of quantum information.

The British physicist Roger Penrose believes that he and his team have discovered a proof which confirms this theory. Namely, the basic structure of the microtubules includes proteins which are the structural components of the human cells that carry quantum information on a subatomic level.

According to Roger, when a person undergoes temporary death these quantum information are released from the microtubules in the universe.

However, if that person returns to life the quantum information goes back to the microtubules. This causes the feeling of near death.

In addition, Roger said that if the person is not reanimated and dies, the quantum information probably continues to exist outside the body and remains in the universe forever. It is actually believed to be the soul.

The researchers from the well known Institute of Physics “Max Planck” in Munich, claim that the physical world is only a perception of our minds and when our bodies die the only thing we would experience after death is the infinity.

The former manager of this Institute stated that humans perceive the conception of “here and now” as part of the material world, which is understandable. Material world has its roots as well which could mean that our lives in this world have already been encompassed with the next life. The body dies, but the spiritual quantum information continues to exist. This means that we are immortal.

Dr. Christian Hellwig from the Institute of Biophysical Chemistry “Max Planck” added that our thoughts, the will, the consciousness and our feelings are part of our spirituality. There is no direct interaction with the basic natural science forces which can be detected on a spiritual basis.

However, these features perfectly match the ones that belong to the extremely perplexing and amazing phenomenon of the quantum world.


  1. There is credence to this theory because I had a near death experience when I was electrocuted by lightning bolt in 2003. It’s like I entered into an endless black hole as my spirit left my body and after some time I felt the spirit returned and shortly after I regained my consciousness and strength and back into this world. There is a thin wall between the physical world and the other world – the spiritual world where I saw and spoke with many loved ones.

  2. My soul will last forever. Our body is only temporary place. My aura is now blue, violet and white. After I have finish my work I will go back to zero.

  3. During surgery I found myself walking down a long blue hallway toward an almost visible person at the other end where the light was soft almost rosy in colour. Before I got to to the end I awoke on the operating table with a doctor and theatre nurse standing over me saying “hello you are back” I felt comfortable and peaceful I did not fell sorrow or anything else during that time.


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