A Single Glass Of Water Can Detect The Negative Energy In Your Home, Find Out How


Family members, pets and even the objects in your home can be affected by negative energy. Fortunately, vinegar, grain salt and a single glass of water can help you deal with this problem.

This simple trick can effectively remove the negative energies from your home. Moreover, the ingredients are really easy to find.

Here is how to do this cleansing trick:


• White vinegar
• Water
• 1 transparent glass
• Granulated salt


Mix a bit of water, vinegar and salt in the glass. Place the glass in places where you spend a lot of time. Leave it in that place for a day. Check out whether the water overflew or the salt rose. Rinse the glass and repeat this method when you think it is needed. Repeat the procedure in different places in your home until the salt does not rise anymore.

The glass should be placed in spots where it cannot be seen. It will remove all the negative energy from your home.


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