A Painfully Emotional Goodbye Between The Dog And His Dying Owner

Last month, in California, when a man lay dying in a hospital, his family wanted his dog had an opportunity to part with him.

The 33-year old Ryan Jessen, who had had a ventricular brain hemorrhage, was on a respirator at the Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville, when his family brought his 6-year old dog Mollie to say him goodbye just before his death on 30th of November.

Michelle, Ryan’s sister, could catch the emotional moment on the video. Then, she posted it on Facebook for the family and the close friends.

Jessen reported TODAY that the dog was very upset, when it realized that Ryan is not going to wake up. What they all wanted was to make the dog understand.

Approximately 6 years ago, when Ryan went for a walk nearby the house of his parents in Sutter, California, he found Mollie, a stray like ‘a little flea-bitten puppy’, as his sister said.

Ryan and Mollie had a very close relationship, and the family had brought Mollie into the hospital so that she could understand why her owner will not come back home. Jessen stated that her brother was nice and that all of them are dog lovers. Even though Mollie always used to run up and jump on Ryan and to be overexcited, at the hospital she was very reluctant as she reacted to him.

The family has got a lot of support by the people who have watched and shared the video as a sign of sorrow. Jesse stated that they would have been destroyed if they did not have faith. The support that we have received from the people was very important to us.

The doctors supposed that Ryan suffered from high blood pressure, which have probably led to brain hemorrhage. Jessen claimed that it would be good for them to complain, but they cannot, because they have no answers.

However, seven organs of Ryan were donated, as well as his heart, which was donated to a 17-year old boy from California, whose birthday is on Christmas, as Jessen thought. Jessen’s family hopes that this will campaign for the donation of organs.

When it comes to Mollie, she now lives with Ryan’s parents in Sutter. Jessen claimed that through Ryan’s family, Mollie will continue to live him. A lot of people were anxious about the dog, but they could not live without her.

You can see the video on the Michelle Jessen profile

This story is a part of NBCU’s Share Kindness.


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