In Only One Tweet, Edward Snowden Disconfirmed Trump’s Latest Intrigue

Several minutes after the announcement of James Comey, the FBA director, on Sunday that Hilary Clinton will not be fined about the latest opened emails, the followers of Donald Trump burst out with some theories of conspiracy.

Not regarding the false supposition that only one agent will be assigned to read the emails of Anthony Weiner, the former congressman, it came out that ‘the machines’ were more intelligent than he actually thought.

According to the reports, on the laptop of the former congressmen, there was a copy of every single message that he had already reviewed – a thing that could be worked out by FBI within several hours, said Edward Snowden, the NSA betrayer.

As a reply to the question of Jeff Jarvis, the director and professor of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism in New York City, Edward Snowden demonstrated how to deal with the duplicate of the messages.

In case Edward Snowden was right, the main question is not related to the fast examination of the emails, but to the disorder that Comey made with his Oct. 28th letter to the Congress, which lasted a bit longer.

Source: The Huffington Post



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