These 5,000 Years Old Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found In Australia May Change The Entire History!


Recently, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that are more than 5,000 years old were found in Australia and they can change history.

If the tectonic plates have shifted pretty drastically in the last 5,000 years, it is logical for the hieroglyphs to be found here. If not, our knowledge about ancient Egypt is completely wrong. These findings certainly don’t match what history tells us.

Egyptian hieroglyphs found in Australia

There something even more disturbing than these hieroglyphs found in Australia. These ancient artifacts are not the first thing that contradicts the current historical records that we have. Since there are many different things that debunk history, the records must be reexamined.

Were the ancient Egyptians the first travelers and not Zheng He and Christopher Columbus?
Many experts look at this discovery with skepticism. They don’t want to believe that

Egyptian hieroglyphs that are 5,000 years old were really found in Australia. However, there inacceptance is not illogical since historical records don’t suggest that ancient Egyptians were able to travel across oceans to different continents.

What may be even more shocking for us is the fact that maybe the Egyptians were in contact with the ancient Americans. This was discovered 25 years ago by a scientist from

Germany who was performing several tests on ancient mummies from Egypt. The tests showed a presence of cocaine, tobacco and hashish in the bones, skin and hair of the mummies.

The discovery of these substances may even suggest that the ancient Egyptians were familiar with these types of plants before any other civilization.

In ancient times, cocaine and tobacco only grew in America. Therefore, it is unexplained how these plants could be found in Egypt when America was still not discovered by the Europeans.

These discoveries may change history and prove that ancient Egyptians were able to travel across the ocean. It can prove that historical records are wrong and some other civilization could also have some other technologies and abilities that we don’t know.

Gosford hieroglyphs

Many experts confirm that the hieroglyphs are authentic and contain sentences and grammatical structure characteristic for the ancient Egyptians.

In fact, these hieroglyphs were discovered more than 100 years ago and they are a well-known part of local folklore.

These hieroglyphs are very unique, since they use an archaic sentence form which was used only by the early ancient Egyptians. In fact, Egyptologists have a difficulty in translating these hieroglyphs since there are almost no historical records of this time.


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