A Warning From The Elder Natives: Pole Shift And End Times

Native and Inuit American elders warned NASA about a potential danger of a pole shift and change of the sky. As reported by the Natives the sun has been seen to rise in a different position and the hours of daylight for hunting were also prolonged. This had an impact on the weather conditions too.

The weather became unpredictable, there were shifts in the temperature and wind which made the predictions difficult. The sun, moon and the stars have changed their positions as well.

According to their statements the earth’s magnetic poles will switch their places. There was a strange noise from the sea, volcanoes and earthquakes. The most frightening and shocking thing is that the pole shift will cause disaster in the whole world.

The scientists have proven that the geomagnetic reversal of the earth happens every 780,000 years. These shifts are very slow and occur gradually over long periods of time.

Nevertheless, in the 20th century this pattern was changed.

The magnetic reversal of the north and south poles has happened many times before. By examining core samples scientists have discovered 74 such events in the history. The samples were extracted from thousands feet underground and from the polar ice too.

This sudden reversal may cause imbalance which would result in earthquakes and tsunami across all major landmasses or volcanic eruptions resulting in gases and ash clouds which will cover the sun’s rays causing a new ice-age.

Scientists are looking for evidence which resembles the Armageddon destruction by classifying the sediments that were layers of rock, earth and ice in the form of magnetically charged pieces and bands of mud. According to them these things may cause sudden ice-melt, floods and ash deposits. This could be the reason for the pole shifts..

The pole shifts increase the movement of the tectonic plates and the enormous lines of cracks in earth’s crust push against each other until they are released.

The numerous natural disasters and many other strange incidents may signify the danger of the possible reversal. It has been determined that the magnetic north shifts increasingly from its current position near Canada towards Russia. In the last decades it has moved approximately 400 km.

The sun swaps its south and north pole every 13 years. This causes stimulation in the number of solar storms which may have a great impact on the earth. They can also interfere with the power supplies and TV transmissions.

Among the signs which point to the magnetic reversal are the seven volcanoes whose eruptions have started in the last few days, the major spike with its magnitude of 7.0 and many earthquakes.

This cycle started in 2004 in Indonesia and happened recently in Nepal. These seismic activities occur every 30 years and may be part of the natural cycle but also they may be linked to the magnetic north march which approaches the east.

NASA and USGS are concerned about the recently discovered magma chamber under the Yellowstone National Park and the huge lake of iron and molten rock. This is actually 11 times the grand Canyon volume. The pole shift may push the magma chamber and the surface area of Los Angeles will blow up. Consequently, the largest part of North America will be destroyed and it will mark the beginning of the new ice age.

The 300 meter high island which emerged out of a seabed overnight in the northern part of Japan is also another alarming sign. Moreover, the earthquake of 8.9 magnitude took part on this area in 2011 causing the worst tsunami ever.

The crustal plates which normally move under enormous pressure and heat causing earthquakes or tsunami are said to have been moving dramatically, like never before on the seabed. 800 km and 60 meter high new shelf appeared on the west coast of Indonesia in 2004. It caused a tsunami wave which swept round the circumference of earth three times.

The Nepal earthquake of 7.7 magnitude which occurred 5,000 km away at the opposite end of the tectonic plate in Euro Asia appeared at the same time as the Japanese landmass.

However, the weird humming noise coming from the sea is reported to be the most perplexing nature’s behavior. According to the scientists it is due to the ocean currents.


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