What These Archaeologists Found May Support The Claim That Jesus Did Not Exist!


Archaeologists have exhumed the remains of the first Catholic pope. The remains were perfectly preserved. They also revealed some secrets that the church may want to stay under the ground.

The secrets of the Catholic Church revealed by the exhumation of the first pope

The man who is thought to be the first Catholic pope died around 155 AD. He was initially buried in the Aquileia’s cathedral. However, the cathedral in Aquileia was demolished and the tomb was transferred. Before the transfer it was opened and the burial was scheduled for 1875.

The perfect preservation of the body is because of a combination of several different factors, such as the immense humidity, large number of plants in the tomb, etc. The man believed to be the first pope was also buried in winter, which protected the body from decomposition in the first few months after the burial.

What is more important and interesting is that the archaeologists found many documents next to the body which were also preserved well. The documents were from the time of the death of the first pope. They showed some alternative stories of some key events in the Bible. Some of these documents even revealed that the Messiah was only a fabrication of the Christians, which was supposed to help them with their agenda of spreading Christianity.

If it is proven that these buried documents are really genuine, doubt on the entire Catholic faith and system could be casted. What is even worse is that numerous scandals connected to the Catholic Church have already damaged the reputation and belief in this faith.

Moreover, there are many different conflicting accounts of Jesus Christ’s life. There are many stories that speak about similar prophets that existed through the ages as well. These prophets have an enormous number of similarities with Jesus.

According to these ancient documents, the story about the life of Jesus Christ that we know was created from different moments picked from the stories of the lives of some messianic figures, like Mithras and Horus. So, the life of Jesus may be completely different than what we know about it.

Horus was an Egyptian god of the kingship and sky and was baptized at the age of 30. Similarly to Jesus he had 12 disciples, was crucified and resurrected after thousands of years.

Mithras was a Roman god who marked the followers on their foreheads and sacrificed himself.

Source: www.truthbeknown.com


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