Video – How The French Fries In McDonald’s Are Made And Why You Should Never Eat Them


There have been several different investigations about the content of McDonald’s French fries. In one of these investigations it was discovered that the French fries is sprayed with a harmful pesticide. This pesticide is very toxic and after spraying the fries should not be consumed for at least a month or two.

The previous experiments discovered substances in the French fries which can cause cancer and brain damage. This new awful discovery came immediately afterwards and it is even more scary. No matter what discovery is scarier, this toxic pesticide in McDonald’s fries is one more reason to avoid their food.

The pesticide in the French fries

This discovery was made public by one journalist, who is also a professor, activist and author. His name is Michael Pollan.

This man described in details how the fries are cultivated and how the potatoes are chosen. He also explains the use of the pesticide.

McDonalds uses Russet Burbank potatoes, which have thin and long form. They give the fries its specific look.

These potatoes are unusually long and difficult to grow. Therefore, the pesticide must be used to that the potatoes can survive and grow.

Potatoes and especially this sort of potatoes have a defect known as net necrosis that causes small brown lines and spots on the potatoes. If the potatoes have this defect, McDonalds does not buy them.

This defect is the reason why this toxic pesticide is used in the growth process of the potatoes.

Only an elimination of aphid can result an elimination of net necrosis. Aphid can only be removed with the use of a toxic pesticide called Monitor. This pesticide is so toxic that the farmers that grow potatoes in Idaho and use this pesticide don’t go into their fields for at least five days after spraying.

In the video, you can also see how Pollan explained the toxic characteristics of this pesticide. Namely, they remain in the French fries for several weeks after the first application.

The potatoes are placed in large sheds with the size of a stadium after the harvest. There the atmosphere is completely controlled. The reason for placing the potatoes in these sheds is because they must not be eaten for 6 weeks after the harvest. In this period, they release chemicals from them in the form of gases.

The side effects of this dangerous pesticide

The Monitor pesticide is also called methamidophos. It has been linked to different side effects. Exposure to this pesticide has lead to poisoning in several cases as well. In these cases, there was poisoning of farmers who used the pesticide, as well as people who consumed food products that were treated with it.

These are the symptoms of monitor poisoning:

• Irritation of the lungs
• Breathing problems
• Blurred vision
• Slurred speech
• Irregular heart beat
• Death
• Runny or bloody nose
• Weakness
• Numbness
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Lack of reflexes
• Coma

The pesticide called Monitor is one more reason to avoid food that comes from McDonalds. There are also many other reasons why their meals should be avoided. This video will show you only how the pesticide is used on the potatoes. You can also search for the other dangers that McDonalds food brings.


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