20 Ways To Get Rid Of The Bad Luck And Negative Energy


In some cases you might think that you have more bad experiences than other people. You can think that this happens because of different reasons. It might be your actions, ability or inability to make decisions or something completely different.

When you experience bad things randomly, your mind begins and tries to find an explanation for this and for many people this is only bad luck.

A lot of people think that luck is only a state of mind. It is known that good things will happen to people who believe in them. If you are positive it would be easy for you to attract only good things in your life. However, a lot of people think that there are a lot of practices that can help you to eliminate bad luck.

We present you some tips that can help you to be positive and happy again.

1. You can brush off the bad luck

You can eliminate bad luck by brushing it. If you want use a brush made of natural feathers, a fan or a small straw, do not use the brush for nothing else, but this. Begin brushing from the head and continue downwards in a sweeping motion. Do this towards the neck, arms, shoulders, chest and legs. Think about how the negative energy is going away from your body. When you are finished, shake off the brush or you can run it through an incense smoke in order to clean it.

2. Use salt

You can take a bath in salt water and that is believed to eliminate negativity and bad luck. For this you will need to add 2 tablespoons of salt in our bath filled with hot water. You can sprinkle salt in every corner of your house and beneath the windowsill and ledge. It is thought that throwing salt over the left shoulder you can eliminate bad luck. Do not throw salt over the right shoulder as it is believed to bring bad luck.

3. Use flower petals

Take flower petals, soak them in water and bathe in them. In some cultures people think that cleansing your chakra from your body can help you to eliminate bad luck. Take a lot of flowers, but do not use white flowers. Put them in water and place them under the sun.

The water will help you to get and obtain the positive energy from the petals. In the end add the petals in the water and bathe with them. Finally, wrap them in a cover and throw them away.

4. Light incense

You can dispel negative energy by lighting incense. Use fragrances such as jasmine or sandalwood. Light these sticks, and choose an odd number. Go in every room in your house with the burning incense and waft the smoke in every corner. You will attract positive energy with the smoke.

5. Smudging in the house

You can use smudging as a cleansing technique for warding off bad luck and negative energy. You can use herbs such as cedar, sage, sweet grass, lavender and mugwort for creating a smoke which purifies spaces, people and spaces.

6. Clean the home

Unnecessary and old stuff can attract negativity in your home. A disorganized and messy area is going to make it difficult for you to focus and concentrate on the work. If you eliminate all unwanted things from your home, you will be able to eliminate bad luck and blockages which will help you to bring positive energy in your home.

If you want to declutter your home you should do it during the day.

– Do it in 15 – 20 minutes for getting rid of all unwanted stuff.
– Throw away old letters, magazines, all strained or outgrown clothes.
– Clear out the fridge.
– Use baskets, shelves and boxes for space organization.

7. Practice giving

It is important to do good things for people around you. It is a positive karma and it will help you to attract positive energy.

8. Pray

Being spiritual or praying can help you to calm the mind and strengthen the soul. This way you will be able to attract positive energy and eliminate bad luck. For eliminating negative energy you should pray on a regular basis.

9. Visualize white light

By visualizing white light around you, you will be able to create protection around you. Imagine even brighter light around you and ask protection from all negative influence.

10. Buy a goldfish

They are considered to be lucky in different traditions and cultures. They represent a symbol of growth, prosperity, wealth, wisdom, peace and a long life. You can keep them in ponds or a bowl in your home and workplace. Having three fish are considered the luckiest.

You can have one black fish and two goldfish and this is the perfect combination. Do not place them in the kitchen or bedroom.

11. Prepare an herb bag

Take a bag and add herbs such as basil, sage or agar. Place them under the pillow while sleeping for a period of 3 days.

12. Wear good luck charms

For eliminating bad luck and negative energy you should wear lucky charms on a chain or like an amulet. You can also place them in your pocket. Use them to make you happier, luckier and optimistic. You can wear:

a. Rabbit’s foot.

b. Four-leaf clover. They can ward off bad luck, even though it is difficult to find it.

c. Keys are one of the oldest symbols of good luck and people think that by giving someone a key they will be happy in love.

13. Horseshoe on the door

Place on the door in your home and you will eliminate bad luck. You can also wear it on the neck. Some people think that a horseshoe which is hung with both ends pointing upward can help you to collect good luck and it won’t fall down.

14. Stones and gems

Different stones and gems can help to attract good luck or give protect you from bad luck and negative energy. Use some of these to attract positive energy:

a. Agate. They will protect you against negative energy and you should wear it for protection.

b. Malachite and citrine. Citrine gems can help with money and prosperity.

c. Garnet. They are lucky stone for achieving career success. It can help you to improve business relationships and it can stimulate people to work with you.

d. Rose quartz. It is a gemstone that can help you to be happy in love. It can attract good luck in marriage and relationships.

e. Amber. It is great for strengthening the aura and it is amazing for having luck and it can protect you against accidental injury and evil influences.

15. Figurines and elephant images

Take an elephant figure or picture and place it towards the doorway. It can bring you luck and longevity. People say that elephants can protect your house and a wooden elephant figurine with the trunk up is the luckiest.

16. Buddha

Having a laughing Buddha will bring you good luck and wealth. Place it towards the door and by rubbing its belly you can become happier. Do not place it in the bathroom.

17. Coins

Crooked, bent or damaged coins and coins with hole are lucky. Coins that are minted in a leap year are very, very lucky. You can have a jar of coins in the kitchen so you can have prosperity and wealth in your home. It is good luck to have a penny in the pocket. Do not leave your house with an empty wallet. Do not give someone a purse or a wallet if there is no penny or money in it.

18. Do not throw away broken mirror pieces

People think that if you keep a broken mirror you can attract bad luck. In case you break a mirror, do not throw away the pieces for eliminating bad luck. If you throw the pieces away you will have bad luck for 7 years. Instead, crush them in dust and throw them away in the wind.

19. Use sound for house purification

Gongs, bells and wind chimes can help you to create inner calmness and peace. The bells sound attracts positive energy and if you place a wind chime at the door entrance you can bring harmony, motion and spirit. Use clapping as purposeful and loud clapping will help you to disperse negative energy.

20. Essential oils for warding off negative energy

You can use sage, myrrh, frankincense, basil, fennel, cypress and eucalyptus for eliminating negative energy from your home.

Lavender and rosemary are good for happiness and love. Juniper is good for air purification and cleaning, while sandalwood is great for improving the flow of good energy.


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