Smithsonian Institution Finally Confessed About The Destruction Of Thousands Of Giant Human Skeletons In The Early 1900s!

Smithsonian Institution has released the classified documents from the early 1900s after being forced by a ruling from the Supreme Court in U.S.

This institution was involved in a historical evidence cover-up about thousands giant human remains which were uncovered across America. They were first ordered to be destroyed by high-level administrators in order to ensure protection of the conventional chronology of the human evolution in that period.

The American Institute of Alternative Archeology made allegations against the Smithsonian institution for destroying thousands giant human skeletons during the early 1900s. This caused the Smithsonian to sue the AIAA for damage and defamation of their 168-old institution.

The spokesman of The American Institute of Alternative Archeology James Churward, claimed that new evidence was brought during the court case as some Smithsonian informers confessed that there were documents proving the destruction of the thousands human skeletons which were between 6 and 12 feet high.

He also explained that there had been an utmost cover-up by the western archeological institutions even since 1900s to convince their organization that 15,000 years ago America was colonized by Asian peoples who migrated through Bering Strait. However in fact, there were thousands burial mounds across America, which the Natives claimed were there a long time before them. This showed traces of an extremely developed civilization and an intricate use of metal alloys. Moreover, the giant human remains have been frequently discovered there but remained unreported in the news outlets and media.

The critical moment was when a human femur bone long 1.3 meter long, was shown in the court as evidence of the existence of giant human skeletons. This was a shock for the Smithsonian’s lawyers since the bone had been stolen from their Institute by a high level curator in 1930s. He had kept this bone for a long time and made a confession on his deathbed regarding the Smithsonian undercover operations.

He wrote that a horrible thing had been done to Americans. A terrible truth was hidden from them about their ancestors and the forefathers of humanity, the giants that roamed the world as it was recalled in the Bible and all the other ancient texts about the world.

The Supreme Court in U.S. forced the Smithsonian Institution to release in public all classified information regarding the destruction of evidence related to the mound builder culture and the elements that were highly relative to human skeletons.

The AIAA director, Hans Guttenberg, explained that the release of these documents may help the historians and the archeologists to reevaluate the theories concerning human evolution and help them expand their understanding of the American mound builder culture. Satisfied by the ruling of the court he also acknowledged that after living in a lie for a century the world should know the truth about the giant ancestors.

These documents will be publicly revealed in 2017 and the operation will be carried out by an independent scientific organization in order to ensure political neutrality.



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