5 Secret Signs Your Guardian Angels Is Trying To Get In Contact With You


Sometimes people hear a voice that warns them of a potential danger or calls their name. On the other side, many people feel a gut or inner instincts, sense of peace and reassurance after asking for support from the angels.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you may be contacted by your guardian angel regularly. The angles don’t want to scare us and therefore they approach us in a subtle way in the beginning.

If we feel a connection, first we need to accept the idea that something occult, beyond normal, paranormal or unknown is happening. When we accept this, the contact will become more frequent.

Guardian angels are different. They adapt their way of approaching us according to our and their personality. Some are more direct and others are gentler. However, all of them want us to notice that they are there. The guardian angels usually stand back and wait for an invitation to appear.

Guardian angels send signs so that we can notice them. Here are some of the signs that they send:

• White feather

In times of trouble, your guardian angel will bring a feather to show that he is here and it is protecting you. You will probably find the feather in an unexpected place. This is one of the most common signs that the guardian angels send. The feathers may vary in size and number.

• An angel music

This is a rare sign, but it is magnificent to hear a choir of angels with harps. Musicians have tried to replicate this music, but it is impossible. The angels also use this music to celebrate the Creator or God.

• Tiny gifts

Some guardian angels leave tiny pebbles, crystals or coins as a gift. These gifts are excellent things that can serve as a way to remember that your guardian angel is always there with you.

• Signs in the media

If you ask your guardian angel for help, you may find the answer of your question in a magazine, book, news report on TV or in a conversation of some strangers.

• Coincidence

We all experience coincidences, but we don’t know that they might be the sign of our guardian angel. For instance, you may have asked your guardian angel for something and then your friend suddenly appears with that item.

You can also bump into an old friend over and over again. Talk with him. Maybe the guardian angel is telling you that you need that friend at that moment. Coincidences are often a sign of our guardian angels.


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