Here’s Why Single People Are Happier, Healthier And More Confident


Nowadays, the number of single adults in America and all around the world is constantly increasing. People decide to stay single before they settle down while some of them choose to stay single for a whole life. It is estimated that by the age of 50, 1 in 4 of today’s young adults will have never married.

Over the years, communities across the country have been organized in clusters but some signs imply that this arrangement doesn’t work out so well. Namely, houses organized in this way are too isolating. They are too far from each other and too far from the work places. According to a survey which is in progress since 1974, Americans have become less and less willing to be friends with the people in their neighborhood.

However, it was also shown that single people oppose these trends. They seem more likely to socialize with their neighbors and friends, in comparison to the married adults. They are also more eager to support, advise, visit and stay in touch with their parents and siblings.

In fact, single people are more likely to enroll in music classes or art and participate in civic groups than the married ones. Regardless of whether they live alone or with other people, they also tend to volunteer for educational groups, service organizations and hospitals more than others.

On the other hand, couples who are married or have moved in together seem uninterested in people outside their own experience.

They usually put their kids or spouse at the center of their lives, both because they want to and because they are expected to, while single people seem more interested in other people and take care of bigger and more inclusive family.

Single-suburban homes don’t offer a balance between the solitude and sociability – something that single people always look for. Therefore, they prefer to create or find a variety of different life-spaces.

Some of them will stay with their families or friends while others may opt for independence and privacy along with social interaction.

Those who love spending time alone will always choose to live alone. Others may have committed relationships but they will still live separately, in places of their own.

People who seek both easy sociability and solitude pursue the most fascinating innovations. They may move into their own apartments while their family and friends live in the same neighborhood or building.

Moreover, single parents usually choose to live with another single parent with whom they share similar life. They don’t look for a romantic relationship or marriage but for a partner in parenting.

Unfortunately, single life remained stigmatized because single people are believed to be self-centered, insecure, alone and sad. They are even believed to die earlier than married people.

However, the latest studies have shown that single people aren’t lonely, sad or isolated and the belief that they don’t live longer is exaggerated. These people have diversified relationships which make them satisfied with their lives.

What’s more, scientists say that single people develop personal growth and self-confidence more than married people because they value meaningful work more than others.

Being single has other benefits as well, for instance:

• You get more exercise
• You eat healthier
• You take better care of yourself
• You are more independent
• Your friendships last longer
• You look for additional socializing opportunities

A meaningful single life nowadays has become a genuine choice. This means that getting married will be also a matter of choice. Fewer people will marry just to flee from their single life while most of them will choose to marry because they really want to.

If this trend continues, the generations that follow will have plenty of opportunities to reach their goals and live the life of their dreams rather than the one that it is dictated by the society.


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