People With High IQ Don’t Have Any Problems To Read These Words, Can You?


Our brains provide the missing information daily. It is one of the abilities of the brains, which people are not conscious about. If you see a bit of a cookie, the brain provides the missing information – who took the cookie from the jar.

The same happens if we see an erased word in a sentence. The sentence context might help you to guess the erased word. It is hard to identify how this ability happens, because it occurs without our consciousness. Moreover, it is not easy to control it. It is a rather quick reaction, which may cause misunderstanding and trouble. Providing missing information is what leads us to make conclusions and to criticize other people for their actions.

Nevertheless, what if the task requires providing the missing information? Would you manage to complete it with accuracy? The quiz below consists of some partial words, words that have been erased. Would you be able to provide the missing parts of the erased words?

Take the quiz below and find out if your brain can provide the missing information:

Let’s play!


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