How The Bible Hid Lilith – The First Wife of Adam


The Holy Bible – to many, the ultimate truth about the origins of life and everything we know – might have finally been exposed for hiding the real truth about the first wife of Adam – Lilith.

The official story today is that the first woman to ever exist was Eve. The Book of Genesis explains how man was created first, and the woman was plucked out of his rib. God didn’t want Adam to be alone, so he created Eve.

While this is widely believed to be the original story, there appears to be a part that was left out. As for how and why the Bible hid the truth about Lilith, Adam’s first wife, there seems to be a suspicion currently circulating out there. But, let’s start from the beginning.

Who did God create in the beginning?

According to a verse in the book of Genesis King James version of the Bible, God created man and woman at the same time, making them absolutely equal. According to the old texts, Lilith wouldn’t obey and satisfy Adam, which lead to him asking God to banish her.

Genesis 1:27 King James Bible Version

And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Here we can see only one verse clearly saying that God created both of them at the same time. No mentioning of the one being created one after the other. This makes things a lot more mysterious, exciting or even conspiratorial. If we take into account these verses, the meaning they bear can change the way we see our world, and possibly even morph millenia-long traditions and social norms. Which then, tells us that some powerful entities – such as the Catholic church – would have to be submitted to radical changes, harsh criticism and even worse, losing credibility and respect among its own followers if this was made publicly known. Was this censored on purpose to keep women within the typical religious frame of inferiority?

Lilith – The original woman

It turns out, not only she was the first woman to exist, but she lost her status due to her self-reliance, intelligence and independence. This means going against everything Christianity is based on, all the teachings of the Church. This is the reason increasing number of people believe that the Bible hid Lilith from public knowledge. Lilith shared the same origins, and the same physical, mental and behavioral traits as Adam, with the upper hand when it came to fulfilling each other’s intimate desires. Adam, of course, didn’t feel comfortable in this sexually-inferior position, and made his request to God for her banishment.

This is where Eve comes in to the picture, but this time improved to obey Adam’s commands and fulfill his desires. However, this is not where Lilith’s story ends. After leaving Adam, Lilith – according to the old scriptures – ran straight into the hands of Samael, and had kids with him. Samael was one of the creatures that dwelled in the garden of Eden, which was forbidden from communicating with the regular creatures, due to his function in the garden. Ever since God found out about this, she, along with her offspring, were cursed for eternity. She is also portrayed as a very promiscuous woman, having absolutely no boundaries, going after all unmarried men.

The aftermath

So, in conclusion, there is now a valid reason to believe Lilith was in no way a myth, as it was widely accepted until now. Lilith represented all that is mighty and powerful in women, stripped away of any sense of shame and traditional conformity. She chose her own path, even though sentenced the ultimate evil, by the ultimate judge. Lilith chose never to apologize, nor to allow anyone to suppress her free will, even her own creator. Bravely accepted the punishment, and always stood behind her decisions. It becomes clear why the Bible hid Lilith from us for so long. She is the total opposite of what is perceived as good behavior in a woman, according to the Word of God.

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