How To Cut Etheric Cords To Separate From People That Control Our Emotions


Etheric cords are energy structures which look like silvery floating strings that connect from the etheric (spiritual) body to someone else’s etheric body. These cords are actually invisible bonds that we share in a relationship and thus stay connected with some people i.e. they are ribbons through which energy flows between two people.

A good example of etheric cord can be depicted when a person is romantically involved with someone. In this situation an energy cord is created and grows stronger as the two romantically involved persons start sharing their feelings, emotions and thoughts through interaction.

The etheric cord creates high-frequency communication between the two partners which enables them to feel what each of them is going through i.e. it is a kind of telepathy when the partners are aware of each other’s thoughts without any conversation.

However, etheric cords can be created with someone whom we are not close with or someone we dislike. In such cases we may feel that our feelings and energy are controlled or even drained out. Therefore, there are two types of etheric cords: healthy and unhealthy.

If your etheric cord is connected to someone you love, then it is a healthy etheric cord but if it is connected to someone you detest or don’t like, then it is an unhealthy cord. The best way to break free from an unhealthy etheric cord is to cut it. Cutting the cord is useful because it brings positive energy by releasing the negative energy patterns.

After cutting the cord you will feel re-energized and peaceful. In order to successfully cut the cord you will need to follow the below mentioned steps which characterize the cord cutting ritual:

Start off by finding a peaceful place where you can be alone without any disturbances.

Next, take deep breaths in order to relax.

After you reach the level of complete relaxation, close your eyes.

Now, recall your angel or spirit guide to help you.

As soon as you feel the presence of your angel guide, start saying aloud the following mantra:

“ Dear Angel Guide, I am asking you for help to heal me and let go of any restraining negative energy, by having the etheric cords cut. All the strings that are attached to me are not connected with positive energy, love and light, so I ask you to release these strings. As soon as they are cut, surround me with positive and healing light that will protect me from negative attachments in the future. Thank you.”

Finally, close your eyes. Visualize the cord cutting and repeat the mantra until you feel free from all the negative energy.

When you finish the ritual, mark the surrounding with some oily substance and have a warm water bath. In the end, drink a lot of water and lay back in a comfortable and tranquil surrounding.

If you feel more energetic, balanced and light after performing the ritual then you should not worry because the cord cutting ritual has worked flawlessly for you.


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