How To Say Goodbye To Your ″Forever″ Person And The Ones You Were Never Meant To Say Goodbye To


″Forever″ people are the ones we are not supposed to say goodbye to. They are usually our lobsters and partners in crime. We often feel that these people belong to us in a really strange way.

They take care of us and support us whenever we are in need. They are the people we imagine being by our sides through every obstacle and challenge we experience in our lifetime.

The point is that forever people are not supposed to leave us.

However, life sometimes works in both funny and unfortunate ways. Sometimes we have to let those people go, usually for reasons that are completely out of our control.

Therefore, the question is what are we supposed to do when we face such uncomfortable reality?

How to say goodbye to the person you believed would spend the entire life by your side?
How to you let your forever person go?

Maybe this advice will help you:

You should never downplay their significance

First of all, you must accept the fact that they were really important to you like no one before and like no one else after them. Accept the fact that you have probably met each other at the wrong time or in a wrong Universe where the two of you were not able to make it to the very end. Maybe you do believe they were ″The One″, maybe you do not, but in some way they actually were. They were that one person that you felt you could love forever.

And it means that your heart will never stop loving them.

However, you must understand that love is not the only factor needed to keep two people stay together. That is why, you should be thankful when you are supposed to say goodbye to the person you truly love. Be thankful for the chance you were given to meet them and for the way you loved them since many people have never had such an opportunity.

Some people don’t even know what is it like to love and stay with a ″forever″ person.

These people may fall in love many times, they may also get married and they will certainly choose a person that is the most reasonable fit for them to stay forever with. Thus, they never find out what it feels like to have a deep connection, true intimacy and devotion that come from meeting the forever person who you feel is the one you should stay with for the rest of your life.


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