Stephen Hawking Warns: Humanity Will Not Survive On The Earth In The Next 1000 Years, Except…

Recently, on a lecture hold by the Oxford Union, the professor Stephen Hawking expressed his concern about the survival of the humanity on Earth and put forward one possible solution.

On Monday, the well-known theoretical physicist and cosmologist gave a lecture at a debate hold be the Oxford Union and presented his great image of the future.

‘Our image of the world has changed in the last 50 years and I am really pleased that I have contributed to it’, – Hawking stated. He also added that ‘the fact that the people themselves, who represent the basic particles of the nature, were able to easily understand the laws that rule with them and the universe is a great triumph’.

In his ambitious experiments, Hawking stated that ‘we will discover the location of million galaxies with the help of supercomputers, we will understand out place in the universe better’. He stated that one day we may be able to use the gravitational waves to look back at the Big Ben.

‘We have to keep going ahead in the Universe for the sake of the humanity. I think that we will not survive in the next 1000 years if we do not leave this delicate planet’, – the well-known theoretical physicist expressed his concern.

In the last few months, Hawking’s predictions related to the humanity are not reassuring at all. To add, in January, he warned that the development of science and technology leads to the creation of new ways and things, which can go wrong. He also claimed that self-sustainable human colonies on Mars will not be formed in the next 100 years.

After several warnings, the professor Stephen Hawking ended his lecture by encouraging students to investigate the mysteries of the Universe, which have not been solved yet.

‘Remember to look up at the stars, not in the feet. Try to find sense in what you see, think about the meaning of the Universe. Be curious. Even though the life seems very difficult, there is always something that you can do and succeed. It is important not to give up’, – he ended his presentation.






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