Studies Found That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Many As Children


From the ancestral era, women have taken a greater part in their children’s life. Men went to work outside the house, whereas women stayed at home and looked after their children.

However, recently, women were given the right to work as men.

Training and parenting are not easy at all, but experience helped mothers to learn them. When they accept to be mothers, they have the responsibility to perform several tasks at the same time.

Women experience the greatest stress when they face the different life stages of their children. Nevertheless, mothers’ love, effort and dedication to achieve this make them respectable.

However, how can husbands cooperate in parenting?

The lack of support is the main reason for women’s stress in parenting

Both the mother and the father are responsible for parenting. They must laboriously take part in growing up and training their children. However, in most cases the mother has a great responsibility than the father.

Moreover, according to the studies, husbands stress out women more than their children. When you pick your life partner, you make plans for the future together, live together, buy your own house and have children.

However, seldom do women ask their life partners if they are disposed to put everything aside and contribute to the realization of their plans.

Surprisingly, studies found that the lack of support of the husbands is the real reason for women’s stress in raising their children.

In addition, mothers find their husbands are more like big children than responsible parents. However, men explain that this happens because women do not ask them for help and suppose that they can fix all problems.

Communication between both partners is crucial, so that they can solve all misunderstandings and difficulties. Not only is stress harmful for a relationship, but for parenting, too.


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